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Right Hand Drive Jeep Cherokee

fab4catfab4cat Member Posts: 3
edited August 2014 in Jeep
I would like to find other rhd jeep owners who use their jeeps to deliver mail, mostly to discuss and compare maintainance costs and special problems.... my real special and costly problem is the transmission, in 82,000 miles, I have just had the transmission replaced for the second time!!!! I own a 2000 rhd jeep cherokee, 2wd rear wheel posi-traction, basic model... and must admit I really like driving it despite the very costly upkeep on it


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    bradsrqbradsrq Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Cherokee that I also deliver mail with (right hand drive) Its very low mileage so I havent had too many problems so far. Transmission has been fine, but check engine light has come on about 3 times. It only has 27,000 miles on it. First time the dealer said it was some kind of emissions hose and # 3 cylinder was misfiring. They put on new hose and new spark plugs. That cured it for about a month. The light came on again. I took it back to dealer and they said # 3 cylinder was full of carbon. They cleaned it out with some kind of cleaner and that seemed to do the trick. Also, I had to have a new Air conditioner evaperator put in about 6 months ago. Very expensive. Otherwise it has been great. Sure saves a lot of wear and tear on your body.
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    fab4catfab4cat Member Posts: 3
    get your jeep into the dealer before the warranty expires. my check engine light was giving me problems also, i had to have the computer replaced two weeks ago($670plus labor!) the emissions and misfiring cylinders were a major problem for me also, and i had to take my jeep into the shop alot while under warranty for that and the excessive carbon build up. if you can get them to replace the computer in it now, it will save you numerous headaches in the future, trust me. I can't prove it, but i think the computer was bad from the start and caused trans failure also. i also had air conditioner problems while under warranty too, but if your still under warranty, why was the problem so expensive for you? i'm interested in trading information with you about our jeeps as well as our fun jobs we have, if you want
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    bradsrqbradsrq Member Posts: 3
    Sure, I would like to trade info with ya. My Jeep is no longer under warranty so its pretty expensive to work on. Hope things are goin good at your post office. Talk to ya soon.
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    fab4catfab4cat Member Posts: 3
    hey, i find it easier to trade info thru regular e-mail, this forum is hard to get on my computer sometimes
    my e- mail is fab4cat@aol.com
    meanwhile, i found using sea-foam in my gas tank once a month helped keep the carbon buildup to a minimum, it's more expensive than regular gas additive but worth it
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    bradsrqbradsrq Member Posts: 3
    My email address is hampton_brad@yahoo.com. By the way, where do you buy Sea-foam, an auto parts store??
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    tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    hey, i find it easier to trade info thru regular e-mail...

    Hey, that kinda defeats the purpose of a Forum! :)

    If you keep the discussion here then everyone can learn and benefit.

    tidester, host
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    timmer23timmer23 Member Posts: 24
    I deliver mail out of a RHD 2000 Jeep Cherokee SE 2WD as well. The transmission, yoke, u-joints, and transmission mounts were replaced last year around 86k miles. The check-engine light was on when I bought the Jeep from a coworker, but comes on only occasionally since transmission work was done. Usually when the light comes on, the tranny won't go into overdrive. It is still leaking transmission fluid from the tail housing, but I haven't had a chance to take it back. The only problems I've had since I bought it in January '06 have been with the transmission.

    I miss the '91 Laredo that I had converted to RHD. It was better for mail delivery because it had pockets on the door, the glove box doubled as a mail tray, and the parking brake hole was a good place to put rubberbands. The only thing I like about the 2000 factory RHD is the cup holders in the middle and not having to stretch to use the turn signals.

    Here are photos of the Cherokee I used to have
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    lunghdlunghd Member Posts: 61
    Google up Marcus's site: Just search for GoJeep and Cherokee .

    Marcus lives in Austrailia where the RHD is standard and his site has a WEALTH of info for maintenance & upgrades. Plenty of off-road tips & modifications but just skads of real world experience with the RHD XJ's.
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    johnson81624johnson81624 Member Posts: 4
    I am searching for other owners of the :) classic :) right hand drive Mail Jeep :D My husband found this classic jeep in my fauther's pasture (sitting there for 12 years not running). This jeep was relieved of a few parts :( her alternator the wiring harness cut; air breather assembly; and her battery.
    Sitting there for so many years and not knowing is she would even run we towed her from Wyoming to Colorado and began to restore ;) this classic. I am very happy to say, after rebuilding the carburetor and replacing the alternator and battery the mail jeep fired up. Amazing after all those years sitting in the pasture.
    We are searching for another seat, mail jeeps came with one and a tray for the mail. Does any one know where I could find a seat?

    Thanks and happy motoring.
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    speedydeliveryspeedydelivery Member Posts: 1
    I've got a 2000 4wd. love it. 134,000. it's started stalling when you head out on the route. it seems to coinside with cold, damp weather. after it warms up it seems to run fine.have replaced throttel poss. sensor and others. won't throw a code. any ideas what this could be. of coarse it won't do it when i take it to the dealer. :mad: i also had problem with a/c, and the control knob on dash. my 1994 larado was a better quality jeep. but at 240,000 it died and i decided i wanted a new one. wish now i would have put a new motor in that one.
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    rchaddenrchadden Member Posts: 1
    Hi. Last summer I bought a '95 RHD Cherokee that someone had bought from one of those e-bay sellers. It has been a blessing and a curse ever since. Currently the headlights are not working and my mechanic is at a loss. He's replaced the switch, but still no power to the lights. There is something wonky with the wiring, but without a schematic he doesn't know which piece of spaghetti (his words, he's frustrated) to follow. The '95 LHD manual did not help. Does anyone have a source for an export manual or any experience working on these formally Japanese vehicles?

    Thanks, Robin
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    blaschkeblaschke Member Posts: 1
    Hi, This is my first time here. I just ordered an import RHD '96 Cherokee and the radio is set for Japanese frequency. Does anyone know if there is any way to re-adjust the tuner to receive US frequency? I'd rather not replace it unless I have to. Thanks
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    pogy1999pogy1999 Member Posts: 1
    Hi , I bought this jeep very cheap, so i excpected problems...lol
    I have put a new stater motor on it and that works fine.
    , when you put the key in and turn you have all electrics, when you turn again for the engine to start, the engine starts and i can't use windows ,heater, airA/C ,radio, and the battrie is not charging i think.. lights work indicators work
    ..But if you turn the key slightly when the engine is running , the one that makes the starter moter scream all work.....can you help
    I think maybe it's the ignition switch or the alternator...can anyone offer an opionin.
    You guys have jeep mechanics at your finger tips i have to travell over 200 miles just to get ripped off...
    This problem was there before i fixed the starter ..incase you were wondering..lol
    Thanks Bill
    Happy motoring
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    tiggietiggie Member Posts: 1
    Hello, just bought RHD cherokee 2000 and knew fuel gauge was not reading correctly, does sometimes but would like to know if anyone knows if you can check sending unit without dropping gas tank and/or any info and what it costs to fix this. Sending units don't seem to be that expensive but what about the labor involved? Thanks!
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    rhd123rhd123 Member Posts: 1
    Hey everyone,
    I recently bought a 93' Jeep Cherokee sport right hand drive that has 95k original miles on it, I drove it over 2 hours to get it back home with out a problem. The first day that I delivered mail with it started to have an issue where the motor would rev really high at 25 to 35 mph for a short while before shifting gears. This happened for about 10 minutes then it stopped accelerating while in gear. I tried shifting gears with no luck, if you stepped on the gas it revs the motor like its in neutra. Anyone have any idea what needs to be done to fix this? Is this a problem with the transmission? Any advice would be great.
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