AC repair tips

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Hi, I'm working on my families honda civic and not sure what to do next. Any help would be appreciated. So a not very observant family member drove their car till it overheated 100F weather with their radiator fan broken. I was able to find that issue (obviously) and changed out the fan. Now the car does not overheat but the ac (which was working fine before the car overheated) is now blowing hot air. The ac low side line is at 150psi (very high) and high side line is at 140psi (a bit low) when the ac is on. After turning off the car, the both lines are very slow to equalized (30 min or more). The compressor clutch switches on when the ac is turned on. The relay switches are fine. I think it might be the compressor or evaporator valve but it could possibly be a number of other sensors or valves. Any ideas where to go from here (other than a mechanic which is approaching soon)?


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