Do not put tailgate down to save gas...



  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    ..would not be 'durability', but what 4-5 years of Oklahoma summer heat and sunlight (and the winters get pretty cold, too) would do to it.

    'Plastic' things just seem to 'rot' after a few years of exposure to sunlight.

    If it doesn't crack or the two layers separate after a few years, great.
  • steve234steve234 Member Posts: 460
    I can think of many 'plastic' items that have endured more than a few years of Oklahoma weather. Vettes are still hanging in there, camper shells last more than a few years if washed and waxed. What impresses me is how much a good spray-in liner can mean to the durability of a standard metal bed. Our fleet has been using Line-X for years and they hold up extremely well. Plastics are not the end all to replace sheet metal, but the advantages are too great to blow off. The pickup manufacturers are taking great heat over the recent crash tests. If plastic fenders and hoods would look as good and not crunch in a hit, they will happen.
  • fredvon4fredvon4 Member Posts: 18
    I think durability is what drives the future of composit beds. Same argument back when oak planks were changed to pine....damn if they didn't then change to steel..pity, planks looked good and were easy to resurface / replace. We really were upset when Texaco started charging 11.9 cents instead of 11c flat. Started the point nine game and forced gas stations to get new pumps with the decimal.
  • beachbunnybeachbunny Member Posts: 4
    I currently own a 2000 Dodge Dakota 3.9L 4x4 Sport. I too only get 13mpg. I thought if I bought a Tonneau cover I might get better gas mileage......what a bunch of bullsh!!! Still only get 13mpg. Fact is if you want better gas mileage, buy a smaller car.
  • lariat1lariat1 Member Posts: 461
    The bottom line if you are worried about gas mileage you need to ask yourself do I really want a truck
  • erikheikererikheiker Member Posts: 230
    Or buy a full-sized GMC Sierra with a 5.3 V-8! I do better than that all the time.
  • mnicemnice Member Posts: 9
    2001 silverado 4x4 x-cab. 4.8 auto.
    18-19 MPG without anything on box. I will be buying a tonnoeu cover just to keep things out of the weather
  • mccdon1mccdon1 Member Posts: 32
    Installed hard tonneau cover while attending school in Florida (from Washington state) got .5 mpg increase on trip home. It will pay for itself in just 25 months. Only 8 months to go!
    Love the truck, don't really care!

    If you are concerned with mileage, I can direct you to a GEO dealer!!


    1999 Ford SD F250 SC 4X4 V-10
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