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Toyota Avalon 2008-2010



  • dcalliesdcallies Posts: 33
    My text button (displaying the current song - artist or station letters) for the FM radio doesn't work. It works fine for my cd's but is not displaying when I have the FM. I know the radio stations are broadcasting text and if they didn't, my 05 use to say "no message".

    Any idea's ?
  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    Got mine on ebay, but not real wood. Wasn't $400+ though either. Google for it.
  • I'm having the same problems with with my radio on my 2008 Avalon Limited which I just purchased. I contacted Toyota about the RDS signal not working on my FM stations and they only responded that the local radio stations need to broadcast on RDS. I responded that my 2003 Suburban has RDS and I get the signal for all the radio stations I listen to. I have not heard back from them.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Looks like they did away with it for 08. I checked a couple of cars on the lot and none of them have that feature. Strange.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,368
    Doesn't surprise me, but they should take it off the website. It still shows its a feature of the JBL radio.

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  • I'm trying find out about how to passenger seat height adjustment on the the Avalon. Our 2004 XLS has it. My wife has long legs and an iffy back, so I think we really need to get it on our new car, but have been having trouble finding it. Had more or less decided on a Camry, but then found out you can't get it. Decided I might have to bite the bullet and get another Avalon, but then found it doesn't look like you can get it on a 2007 Avalon.

    The E-Brochure on the 2008 and the Consumer Reports pricing guide both refer to the availability of passenger seat height adjustment and imply that it is part of one of the option packages, but I haven't been able to pin down which one. Can anyone enlighten me on this?
  • I was just looking at one with the adjustment and one with out, it takes the Limited, and having the passanger seat
    full electric option, it also has a lumbar adjustment.
  • Got my 08 Avalon on Aug 27th and love it. Only have one item of concern. The "Fuel Range" on the console display is no where near accurate. I have been averaging 29+ city and higway driving actual (not displayed although there is less than 1/4 mpg between the two). I usually wait until I am less than 1/4 full before I refuel and when I do the display reflected 434 in display the first time and the last time 385. At the time I refuelded it said 55 miles left when in essence it took 13 gals and should have been closer to 165 based on actual fuel consumption. I stopped by the Toyota dealership and talked with the service manager and explained the problem. He said that was quite normal and that you couldn't rely on them as they were not accurate. He indicated that there was no correction for the problem. Has anyone else had this problem and what, if anything, can be done to make it more accurate. I don't mind a vehicle not having an item on it but if it does I expect it to work and certainly be more accurate than this seems to be. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    This subject has appeared several times before just as you post it. Most of the '05 and newer Avalons do what you describe: understate the distance to true empty. One possible explanation advanced is that the distance remaining is really the distance to when the "low fuel" light comes on. Maybe. Whatever, you are not alone...

    The big thing you want to check is the ODOmeter. Most Avalons run 3% low as to mileage covered. Mine does. Check it against some interstate mile markers. The speed is OK... just the mileage is off. You will notice the difference quickly at 75 mph, only takes about 5 miles to really become apparent. Hope this helps.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,368
    "The speed is OK... just the mileage is off"

    I didn't believe this until I checked it myself. No doubt it is off.

    Any car with distance to empty is not accurate. For example at the office we had a Chrysler town and country minivan. I would put 16 gallons in it and the readout would say 250 miles. C'mon it would at least get 20 MPG so I would use the trip odometer and fill up at 320+ miles. At that point it rarely ever took more than 16 gallons meaning there was still 2+ gallons left. I remember riding for 80 - 100 miles with the distance to empty flashing "0". My Avalon is a little more accurate, but still have gone past 0 and never taken more than 16 gallons. They do this on purpose for idiots like me who like to stretch out the miles before filling up. What a shock I would have if zero really meant zero!

    2015 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • Curious,
    Could you tell me how the car was optioned out and what you paid (less taxes)as compared to the invoice.
    Thanks in advance for the info.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There is NO way for the fuel computer to predict just how you will drive that "last" distance to empty, lead-footing it or not, or maybe that last distance may be uphill, STEEP uphill, ALL the way. So it MUST assume a reasonably high, HIGHER, fuel consumption rate in order to not really TICK you off.
  • Why must it assume anything. The info in the computer tells it how many gallons the tank holds, the average miles per gallon X the capacity should give you the anticipated fuel range. If you hot dog it the avg mpg goes down, so should the miles remaining go down. So far I have not gotten less than 29.17 combined city and higway driving. I'm quite consevative in my driving habits. The tank holds 18.5 gal X 29 should give you a estimated fuel range of 536.5 miles. Mine has never registered more than 434. That's off by a bunch. Go figure.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "I'm quite conservative in my driving habits.."

    And if even 95% of the population drove conservatively like you, AND all roads were reasonably FLAT, AND there was no unexpected stop and go traffic (construction zones) then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

    So, if it relies strickly on the past, 300 mile, average MPG and remaining fuel to compute a 25 mile DTE and then you don't quite make it to that gas station 20 miles away because of an unexpected steep uphill "leg" (all the while the DTE is now declining faster than the mileage being driven/covered) you wouldn't be upset...

    Most manufacturers are eliminating the DTE function for exactly this reason, for them it's a NO WIN situation.

    Maybe one day with a GPS programmed destination, instant updating of road traffic, road conditions, and continous updating of average MPG....

    In the meantime DTE's computed by onboard computers will only give conservative estimates, Lower DTE then possible, probable, in the real world.
  • Can we talk about something else now??? I definitely think discussion is old news. :sick:

    For all of you new owners of the 2008 Avalon, please enligtned us soon to be owners of other likeable/non likeable features. :)
  • What's not to like. I ordered my Limited in the Blizzard Pearl with everything on it but the navigation system. I didn't order the nav system due to the problems I read about people having with them. Besides in the 56 years I've been driving I've never been so lost that someone couldn't tell me where to go (and believe me there have been enough of them and not necessarily because I was lost). I figured if I really needed a GPS I'd be better off getting a hand held Garmin or the like and be able to use it in all vehicles. I have nothing but high praise for the vehicle. It rides and handles beautifully and I like the interior layout. I spend a lot more time on the inside looking out than vice versa. I've owned a lot of different brands and models in my lifetime but I can't say I've had one that I liked more. My wife loves it too which is also a plus. I really don't think you can go wrong getting one. Being this early in the year I don't think you'll be getting any fantastic bargains though. If you don't buy it the next looker probably will. The one thing I was not able to get at this time was the protective side moldings. Seems Toyota has put a hold on shipments of these due a paint peeling problem. Am told it should be resolved in a couple weeks. Buy - ride - enjoy!!!
  • Does anyone have an update on the body molding issue? As I remember Toyota was having problems with the molding peeling paint from the side of the Avalons.
  • Just sold my 2007 Avalon Limited and got a new 2008. One item that Toyota changed was the yellow turnsignals built into the outside mirrors glass. My 2006 & 2007 were made of large bright circles in the shape of a V. They could be clearly seen in the bright sun. The 2008 has a V but it is made of a thin line and can hardly be seen if the sun is behind you. Sometimes they should leave a good design alone.
  • Curious,
    what sort of a deal did you get on your 2008 Limited and what options. Were you at/near invoice.
  • I paid full MSRP ($36,289) and got $28,700 for my 2007 Limited with 37,000 mi. on it. I tried to sell the 07 in the paper, but got no takers. Tried to buy an 08 Honda Accord that had MSRP of $27,000 to $29,000 but 2 diff. honda dealers would only allow $21,000 for 07 Limited that stickered for $35,700. The only options dealer 08 Avalon limited had were 8 way passenger seat, stability control, mats and wheel locks.
  • I was wondering if it is possible to get Bluetooth in the 08 Avalon Limited without purchasing the Navigation system? Is Bluetooth standard on the 08 Avalon or is it still an option? Is their any difference between the 2008 Navigation system vs. the 07 Navigation system? I was thinking about factory ordering an 08 with VSC as the only option but I still want to get Bluetooth so I was wondering if it is available without getting the Navigation system. Thanks again for your help guys.
  • tzuppetzuppe Posts: 13
    Bluetooth is now standard in the Limited.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    you can get it on the ltd or xls the option code is PE.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    They changed to the six speed tranny for the 08 model. Reason? too many people complained about hesitation and lurching with the five speed tranny so now we are going to do it with a six speed tranny.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I just bought my new Avalon Desert Mica Sand and believe I got a great price for an XLS. I paid $200 over invoice and including the cargo mat and and floor mats I paid before tax etc., $28,689. I also had to pay an additional $750 for southern distribution bringing the price to $29,439. I'm trading in my 05 XLS and I got $21,000 for it, it was in excellent condition with 46 thousand plus miles. That's more then Kelly shows. I'm posting the price so some of you have an idea as to price. I will add the side moldings at a later date. The dealer is also taking odd my mud guards and putting them on the 08 for no charge. This also includes 3 free oil changes.

    I believe I have an excellent deal, and the sales manager felt he owed me due to some favors I did for him over the last couple of years.
  • nemeneme Posts: 2
    I've learned a lot from reading messages over several months and will now return the favor. Be sure to check out the car buying services of Costco or Sam's Club before buying. I used the Costco service, which sends you to a specific local dealer and a specific sales person, and ordered an '08 Limited for 2% over invoice. That alone makes a pretty good return on the $50 annual membership.
  • jtb364jtb364 Posts: 2
    Concerning the body / side moldings available. Check on 11 Oct, still not avialable, still no ETA
  • I am seriously considering an 08 Avalon Limited. I am also looking at an 08 MDX and 08 M35, but am very impressed with the value of the Av. I heard that Toyota will likely offer substantial discounts in December with their Toyotathon. Anybody have any info on this?
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    heard that Toyota will likely offer substantial discounts in December with their Toyotathon.
    if you are a betting man maybe, while there are a few differences between the 05-07 and the 08, I don't know if they are substantial enough to call it a 'new' model. As such, one would expect lower sales and possible participation in 'clearance' programs. OTH Toyota has not had any problem selling the Av since the 05 came out something that logically would mean minimal participation in 'Toyotathons'. Corollas and trucks/SUVS figure to need some 'help' in December and figure to be in such programs for sure, the Avalon may still sell too well - something that we existing Av owners just love to see - at the highest prices possible! ;)
  • I'm also considering buying an '08 Limited. I'm getting quotes around $34,000 to $35,000 with about $1,000 of options. But I'm seeing similarly equipped 2006 Limiteds, with 20,000 to 30,000 miles, offered for about $28,000. Assuming there's a bit of flexibility on the used car prices--enough to get a walk-out price of $28,000, that's about a 20% savings.

    I wonder if anyone has thoughts or experiences about a 2-year-old Avalon versus a new one.
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