Buick Rendezvous O2 Sensor keeps failing

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I have a 2002 Rendezvous and love the car. In the last month our Check Engine light has turned on three times. Each time, it indicated a failed O2 Senser on Bank 1. There are two. The computer keeps pointing to the one behind the catalytic converter (#2). After replacing it, I can drive about 30 miles before the check engine light comes back on. Any idea what is going on here? Can the Catalytic converter somehow be causing this?


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    I think it's the computer. We have a 2000 Old Silouhette and the gas gauge stopped working and now the oil light comes off and on. We have lived with this for 2 years now.
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    you might want to take the O2 sensor you just replaced back and get two new ones. Some times new O2 sensors are defective, also when replaceing them I found it better to replace all of them at the same time for sometimes when replaceing only one the computer sometimes sends back false codes. Another thing is if you buy an after market O2 sensor the wires are just a little bit longer and can cause the computer to send back false codes. The best O2 sensors that I have found are the Boch Platinums designed for your vehical, I know they are a lttle bit more pricier but well worth it. I once installed three new ones on a for windstar that I once had and they increased my MPG by 5. Your catalyic converter could cause this but replacing all O2 sensors is not a bad Idea becasue normally O2 sensors have if I remember right some where between 60 and 100 k lifetime. So try that first if you stilll have prob then replace converter.
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