Is this too much rust?

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Pics included: I'm looking into buying this used 2004 F150 and I'm not sure if it has too much rust or if it would be considered normal amount for an 18yr old truck. It does not appear to have anything severe as rot, but despite trying self educate about rust via google search I have not really learned anything to give me much sway in my position--to buy or not to buy. It has a clean carfax report and was used primarily in Louisiana and some in Texas, both have humidity but neither have humidity and snow (salted roads) which is the notorious combination for rust.
thanks for your input

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    That's "Nothing"

    This is what rust looks like when you really need to be concerned about it.


  • mcbri02mcbri02 Member Posts: 2
    Haha ok, fair enough, it's definitely nothing that severe--I just wanted some unbiased input on the matter so I appreciate your answer @thecardoc3
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