Does timing belt replacement require power steering fluid drain?

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Received quote (without looking at vehicle first) from local mechanic for 2009 Honda Pilot timing belt and water pump replacement.

Noticed the quote included coolant fluid exchange, AND power steering fluid exchange.

I didn't know the power steering system was affected by this type of service. Is this accurate?

I have read/viewed many resources on this service and nothing I saw ever mentioned the PS system.



  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,557
    It can be done without servicing the power steering fluid so no it is not "required" as part of the timing belt replacement but that doesn't mean it isn't due to be replaced. Honda doesn't specify an interval for servicing the fluid, however they do require it when the fluid becomes discolored or contaminated. It's common that sufficient debris can build up in the fluid that eventually the filter screen in the reservoir becomes restricted and then you would also need to replace the reservoir as well as service the fluid.

    One note, if the service is done, it is important to use either Honda's fluid or one that is specifically licensed for use as Honda's fluid.
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