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Ford Ranger 4x4 Problems



  • did the module fix the problem mine does the same thing will not go to 4low
  • Haven't heard from anyone. Maybe no one but the 2 of us has this problem. I put my winter tires on a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be doing it less now. Summer tires aren't wore very bad though. Are your tires in bad shape?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    The Ranger discussion here is rather slow. There are more active forums on the internet. Can't say more without violating forum rules.
  • I had the same problem you guyts are having with my hubs, you have 2 options, you can go with a warn hub wich is expensive, or you can go with a ford hub that cost 144.00 shipped from ford. Here is the web site for the Ford hub.
    link title this is the part # FOTZ3B396A try looking on E bay for the warn option
  • I installed 4 new tires and that made it work like a new truck. Thanks
  • gorf2gorf2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1988 Ranger 4X4 that I would like to customize. Are there any publications relating to customising just the rangers?? Or pubs dealing with custom parts? Also thinking about making it a convertable. Any help appreciated
  • My '06 with 36400 (!) miles is lurching randomly. At worst was doing it every quarter mile. Feels like coming from rear, almost a pause and catch-up. Mechanic thought it was 4x4 problem and replaced the transfer case, which he indicated was shorted out and fluid dark.

    It was fine for 100 miles, now it's starting up again, in both 4 and 2 wheel drive. The mechanic drove it for 15 miles and is completely stumped. Happening every mile or so, but now I don't want to drive it! He says it's not rear end -- that they tore that apart and it looks fine.

    Any ideas??? Thanks!
  • Hey guys i gave a 1993 ford ranger 4.0 L V6 and im having problems with the four wheel drive. When i press the button it does not light up at all?? And the front wheels to not catch either? Any ideas?? Let me kno ASAP thanks.
  • HAppy new year
    I haave a 93 Rqanger 4x4 that has a really bad viberation above 60 mph. I had the wheels ballanced and I installed new u-joints and the drive shaft is straight, this viberation is so bad you almost go off the road. I did notice that when I raised the psi in the tires for 30 to 40 psi the viberation seems to not quite so bad, I did notice that if I hit a bump in the road the viberation tends to change, some time better and some times worse.
    Can the carrier bearing cause this?
  • My 2001 Ranger Edge 4.0L goes into 4wd Hi and I hear relay click, & switch light goes on. 4wd Low does not engage, no click & no light. I tried new 4wd Control Module, same results. Are there separate fuses for each? Where? What else can I try?
  • iw396iw396 Posts: 2
    When i switch the knob into 4 wheel hi or low i hear the clicking from the 4x4 command mod., but light dont come on in hi or low. Could it be command mod. or electric motor on transfer case not making a connection?
  • iw396iw396 Posts: 2
    Did you ever got a answer 2 your 4x4 problems? iI got a similer problem.
  • I have not received any replys. Still waiting.
  • I put Warn manual hubs in last year. So far, bullet proof, and cheaper than the Ford auto hubs.
  • im having trouble and not sure what to do, i had a 1988 ford bronco II, that i pulled the tranny and transfer case out of, both were fine when pulled, just the motor blew, so i bought a 87 ranger 4x4 with a bad tranny, so i swapped the tranny and transfer case both, and put in the 88 tranny and t-case. now i have 4 hi but when i click 4-lo the light blinks, and when i click the 2 wheel, the light goes out, but im still in 4 wheel, not sure if i have a vacuum line mixed up or what!!! any ideas please let me know so i can get my toy back on the road, and play in the snow
  • try replacing the t-case motor if it is push button, thats what i had to do on my 88 bronco II to get the 4 wheel to work
  • kruegkrueg Posts: 1
    if ya hear your 4x4 motor click,its prob okay, if ya see frt driveshaft turning, and frt axles not turning, hub issue! got a cheap and quick fix,cause hubs are expensive! pop hub caps off, turn center part of plastic hub counterclockwise, then cut mesh/plastic center out,and reinstall,now ya got a push button 4x4 hub, quick and cheap!push all way in and release,then engaged, push half way in until light click noise, then disengaged
  • greafgreaf Posts: 1
    i have an 01 with the same problem :mad: . just happened yesterday with 12" of snow on the ground. any solutions.
  • I`m new here. Ford Ranger 06 has 4x4 Problems. It will engage H & Low. After a mile or So it sounds like You are Running over Sticks or Bumps. Then it will Settle out and Do it again . 2 Major Snow Storms in Pa. It will Run Fine out of 4x4 . Any Ideas ? I have also Had Wheel Lock up . So I don`t use the Parking Break Much . Just leave it in Gear to Park. I had an 98 Ranger it also Locked up. Had to Get new Emergency Cable... Is this going to be a Costly Fix. Thanks for Your Time
  • My 2003 is doing the same thing. I have heard everything from one tire is wore worse than the others and that is causing it to the u joints are bad. Has anyone fixed this problem. I do not want to start throwing money at it and not fix the problem.
  • I was wondering if the hubs from ebay fixed your problem. I have a 97 that does the same thing you mentioned, I have automatic hubs, can I change them to manual or should I go back with automatic?
  • I have a 1997 ranger 4x4 with automatic hubs, everything is working on the 4wheel drive, except the hubs are not engaging. can these be changed to manual hubs or should I go back with the automatic hubs. I found some manual hubs on ebay for $265, it comes with a conversion kit to change them over.(not sure if that works) or I can get some rebuilt automatic hubs for $225.
  • I went to the Ford Dealer today . I took my Wife and engaged the 4x4 on the way in. She also noticed the Bump noise. The Mechanic took it on a 15 mile Ride and Could not hear any Problem. Ran a Computer Test on it and said that the 5 & 6 spark plug /wires were showing up on the test.... I said I would Do the Work. I pick up Plugs & Plug Wires. Change out 2 Tonight. 5&6 . Will Change out the Rest Tomorrow. He seem to Think that the Engine was Lugging down when in the 4x4 Mode causing a problem. ?
  • I had a 98 Ranger and it would do the Same Thing. It would Read that it was in 4x4 HI and not engaged. I t was bitter cold out that Winter . No Garage and the Pneumatic part Froze up. When it Thawed out it Worked. I had a Friend who was a Mechanic and Said just get the Hubs that you Manually Lock in / out . Just a Thought.
  • Still working on the 4x4 Problem. Changed out 4 of the 6 Plugs/ Wire so Far ... 2&3 are a Real Bear to Get To. Anyway It Ran smoother but still front end noise only when engaged in 4x4 . Runs Great out of 4 Wheel. ???? III JOHN 2
  • i have a 97 ford ranger when i turn knob nothing happens even the lights on the dash don't light up 4 the 4wd just recently had my bro put a new transfer case motor on still nothing when he had raised the truck the only wheel that spun was the driver side rear he had looked up online about the problem and someone had said about the shift module (located in the dash) we r both rackin r brains about this can someone help i have a feeling i'm just gonna have 2 do a process of elimination
  • I had the same problem with my 02 ranger. It took me 2 years to figure it out with out paying a ton of money to someone. But my problem was the 4x4 control module, located under the passenger side kick panel. Simple to remove kick panel and module(2 screws). Module costed me $180.00 through a friend who works for a dealership. But since I put it in, I have been able to beat the piss out of my truck without worring about getting stuck!!! Extremely happy with my ranger again. I was thinking about getting rid of it due to all the 4x4 problems I have heard about. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  • bah30012bah30012 Posts: 2
    I found your site yesterday and it was useful to me. It helped me hone in on the problem with my ranger. So in appreciation I would like to let others know what I found.
    I have owned my ranger since new, it was in garage at night until last year and the 4X4 worked until 2 months ago. When it failed me I called dealer who said that the shift motor on transfer case was probably bad - cost to replace about $400. After researching this I bought a rebuilt motor, installed it and still had the problem. But by this time, I was suspecting a different problem because sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. After reading the threads on this site, and another, I tried disconnecting the battery and resetting the electronics. Still would not work all the time. About a week ago I noticed that it would not work when it was cold but would work after I had driven it for 30 minutes. At first I thought it was the shift motor warming up but I now know it is the control module. I proved this by waiting for it to be cold (less than 40F), seeing that it didn't work then warming the CM with a hair dryer. I took the panel off to expose the CM when I warmed it. Now I am trying to buy the CM off of Ebay. I suspect that some of the other folks who have had problems when it snowed, etc may have the same problem. I also wonder if I have had the problem for awhile but that it didn't show up sooner because the Ranger was in the garage.
  • bah30012bah30012 Posts: 2
    See my previous post. Got new comand module for 4X4 control, 2001 ranger, from Ebay. This fixed my problem. I hope this helps others. It only takes 30 minutes to replace.
  • glenizmglenizm Posts: 1
    same as all the others, nothing happened when the knob was turned to 4x anything, i took the motor off the transfer case, checked all the mechanical involved and found nothing wrong. after reading a few comments i went and pulled out the fuse(15amp) that went to 4x4 module battery feed(B+). i left it out for about 5 min, while it was out i checked the 10 amp fuse to the 4x4 mod(run/start). nothing wrong- put it back. before i put the 15amp fuse back in, i put the switch to 4x4high and then started the truck, THEN i put the 15amp back in... bam!! finally got my 4x4 back and it was free!!
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