TESTED: 2022 BMW iX SUV Crushes EPA Range Estimate in the Real World | Edmunds

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imageTESTED: 2022 BMW iX SUV Crushes EPA Range Estimate in the Real World | Edmunds

Edmunds tests the 2022 BMW iX xDrive50 to see how far it can go on a full battery charge. Most electric cars match or even exceed their estimated range figures, but not all EVs do. Here's how BMW's first purpose-built EV SUV fared in our real-world testing.

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  • ManfromRhodeIslandManfromRhodeIsland Member Posts: 1
    I love how the price of the car is not mentioned anywhere, just that it's comparable to an X5M. The test vehicle was "dressed to the nines" meaning MSRP over $100k. If you can afford this car, you can afford to pay $100+ to fill it up with gas, and you have a much better and more reliable infrastructure nationwide in the ICE version. Until you can find charging stations on every corner EVERWHERE in the US, and the grid is upgraded to handle this much load, electric vehicles like this are a nice novelty for the upper middle class and above, but for typical people just a pipe dream. I get it if we want to move away from fossil fuels we have to start somewhere, but vehicles like this are for the elite and touting it as anything but that is misguided.
  • tempo36tempo36 Member Posts: 1
    I always think it's a bit strange when people throw out the "if you can afford this car you can pay for xxx". Sure, they probably can pay for gasoline, but if they can instead pay for electricity, why not?

    Regarding infrastructure, this has been hashed out many times but I'll repeat it here...first, most EV get charged during off-peak hours at or near home. They aren't contributing to grid peak load the way folks like to imply they are. For similar reasons, having a charging station on every corner is both impractical and unnecessary. If every person left their home every AM with a full tank of gas, you wouldn't need a gas station on every corner. It's a shift in perspective. The reason it seems like it "doesn't work" is because folks are insisting on viewing EV through the older perspective and not acknowledging they're a different beast.

    I certainly won't claim that a BMW is an 'everyone' car, just like a Tesla S isn't an 'everyone' car. But there are plenty of other EV that fit other budgets too.
  • Ignore the doofus who said they’re a pipe dream. Used EVs can be had and real savings can be had for ~11k or cheaper.

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