2007 Nissan Maxima

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I am a big fan of the maxima. I upgraded from 98 to 2000 to 2003 with manual transmission maxima. I love my 6 speeds 03.
But unfortunately for me it looks like Nissan is moving away from manual trans maxima.

Why ? Does Nissan plan to make no more maxima manual speed ?

I am seriouly looking into alternative V6 manual shift car.


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    Don't know why.
    You could always check out the Altima.
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    my guess nissan is moving maxima up market to position against Avalon. Since Avalon has no manual tranny, nissan chose same thing.
    I agree with kwk1 Altima is really next generation of maxima after 2003.
    I also wish that 07 maxima had more HP(270+)and AWD.
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    Why didn't the Maxima get the more powerful engine? I was interested in the Maxima but the current engine is not competitive.
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    I had my 2008 max at the dealership5 times for vibration in steering wheel and gas pedal when accelerating from 25 to 40 miles mph. After 40 it smooths out.
    They replaced my transmission, but still have the same problem . Any ideas? anyone have the same problem?
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    I've owned my 2007 Nissan Maxima for almost 2 years and only recently have experienced problems with the DTE indicator. I don't believe it is reading right and it is fluctuating up and down when I am driving on flat interstate roadways.

    Here's 1 example -- It says 89 miles to empty, (I drive about 45 miles) then it will say 66 miles to empty. I encounter traffic and then from 66 it will go to 44 -- 42 --- then 40 (empty Fuel indicator lights up). I get off the interstate enroute to fill gas and it slowly goes back to 78! (this is all flat roads with no incline). This has never done this to me within the past 2 years of driving this car.

    In addition to this, The gas cover does not seal tightly. It does not sound like my previous maxima when i open the gas cover. Does this have anything to do with the DTE problem?
  • sparks12sparks12 Member Posts: 2
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    I have a 2007 Maxima with a timing chain problem, only 68K on car and Nissan won't back it up, only response from them is engine parts do fail. A timing chain should last pretty much for the life of a car. I guess Maxima's life span is about 70K. I'll never buy another Nissan.
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    I have same engine in my 05 and I have over 100k so it should last at least this long.
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    I own a 2007 Nissan Maxima, Ive had it for a year, bought it used, Its been in the shop 8 times, I think I have driven rental cars more than my own car, the car lags and will not go pass 3,500 rpm even when foot all the way to the floor, Its impossible to pass on the highway when this occurs, iam really concerned about my safety on the road, thers also whinning noise coming from the engine when trying to accelerate,.when driving 25mph the rpms are stuck at 2,500 and dont drop until I come to a complete stop..i have had a bad experience with nissan shops, they dont know anything, all they do is hook up the computer and say oh we find no codes or falts, we have to replicate the problem, so bring it in when its failing and again no codes or faultsin the system, they call tech-line and those idiots say oh its probably this or that, we have never incounterd such an issue with maximas which is a complete lie, I read the forms and a ton of people report the same issue and the same treatment at the dealership,.i asked them well if you guys cant find any issue then get someone who can, they are like oh our techs are certified and know alot about our cars which BS....they said oh your vehical is fine its running normaly, so I said then state it in writen form that my vehical is safe to drive so if anything happens to me on the road I will take this paper and go straight to court with it, they said we dont wanna put ourselfs out like that and be liable...nissan has one of the worst customer service I ever seen, this is the first and last time I deal with nissan, never again will I buy a car from them...i even contacted nissan usa about this and those idiots are no different from the dealer shops,..in bellingham I got cussed out and thrown out of the shop because they said I somehow violated the warrenty which I didnt, they cursed at me using F words and what not...
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    use google to find "Nissan NTB07-042" there are lots of information about that issue
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    just curious if this problem could be linked to the VDC or TCS systems. both these systems can reduce engine output even when the accelerator is pushed to the floor.
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    After a 5 minute visit to this dealership - the mechanics managed to 'Fix' my car so that i would need to have thousands of dollars of service on it.
    First they told me i had to purchase a nissan battery - then i would need my
    Dashboard replaced and a new sunroof motor and switches and they would have to
    Keep my car for almost 6 months before they could find a gas gauge/odometer
    Suitable for my car. This all because my battery was failing and I was driving when it happened. Drove right into Sears - and replaced the battery with the top of their line. Little did I know that the sunroof, systems indicators, gas gauge to mention a few things - all stopped working. What did they say... "you needed to purchase a Nissan Battery".. my response - Nissan does not make batteries, and I was on the road when this happened and this is general maintenance of my vehicle. Then they said to bring it in - the first thing they told me was it was "out of warranty" - any excuse - then they said the whole dashboard has to come out and be replaced...
    If you look on the internet - there are thousands of people that are suffering from the same problem - Nissan needs a recall - mind you - all because the battery was replaced... well Nissan - you need a recall - because everyone replaces their own battery - recall all the years that cause problems with battery removal -
    Then the dealership called me one day to offer me a $9.98 oil change. After it was done - they charged me more than $35.00 - they knew I was there for the special oil change - and what the Manager said - when I checked the amount on my bill was "well, you were supposed to tell your service man why you were here, and what we offered. Remember - I walked into service and they knew I was expected and for what - they are liars and cheats. When I called back the manager - he told me he would give me a $30 credit on my account. Now, they will not even return my calls.
    not even for parts information.
    No I would never go back here again - never buy a Nissan again (I've had 5 Nissans, 3 Maxima's) and I will tell everyone one I know to go down the block to Bill Tyson Automotive in Royal Palm Beach instead. 561-753-6122 - they will help you and they are honest people.
    > bill tyson automotive - undid the damage in just a few moments - and i now
    Have a great place to go for my 2007 nissan maxima se -
    > and
    > i can trust them too.
    > thanks guys - your the best!!!!
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