Our Ford F-150 Hybrid Is Far Thirstier Than Its EPA Figures Suggest | Edmunds

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imageOur Ford F-150 Hybrid Is Far Thirstier Than Its EPA Figures Suggest | Edmunds

Edmunds has been driving a 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid as part of its long-term test program for the past six months. In the beginning, we had questions about this hybrid. Was it all about torque? Could it deliver the mpg we've come to expect from a hybrid? After 10,000 miles, we have enough real-world fuel data to draw a conclusion.

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    I took delivery five days ago on a '22 Hybrid Platinum F150 that I waited 10 months. This is my fourth F150 and third Ecoboost. The first ecoboost was a six speed and it was powerful but second truck, the 10 speed, was fantastic. I have learned that the ecoboosts are not a lug-along engine- get em to speed quick and then coast seems to get the best speed. Keep off the turbos as much as possible while cruising. I started using the turbo reading like an economy gauge- made a difference. Some situations also require manual shift to get best mpg like when towing in my 10 speed eco. Tow in 8th at cruise versus ninth in tow/haul (keeps turbos quiet) and still under 2300 RPM. I am hoping the Hybrid is a great truck for me. I expect to get the same towing mpg with a 25' Airstream 7000#.--13mpg @60; 12mpg@65 and 10mpg@70 mostly flat ground. I have 121 fill ups over a five year period and have an average of 18mpg city and 23hwy in the 10 speed 3.5 with 3:55 rear.

    I believe that Ford F150 publishes their best gas mileage configuration for all models. Math-wise. It would be configuration with 18" wheels and a rear end 3.31 and the lighter weight body. Traditionally the 3.73 "stump puller" is known to be a thirsty rear end. Having that on the heavier hybrid crew with 4wd would probably expect the lowest MPG for an F150.
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    I don't know what was going on with your 2018 F150 2.7 EcoBoost getting a apparent best of 21-something mpg's. My 2019 3.5 Eco can get 23 on the highway easily at 65mph with the AC on. Two weeks ago on a 50 mile errand with some 2 lane highway, some around town driving, I got 25.5 on the trip; last summer on a 305 mile trip down Indiana I got 24mpg, and I was not particularly trying for economy on either trip.
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    I've got the 2018 F150 twin turbo and consider myself lucky to get 27.5 hwy @ 70mph. I'm 73 and a conservative driver.

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