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Jeep Liberty vs Mitsubishi Outlander

iwasaudreyiwasaudrey Member Posts: 11
edited March 2014 in Jeep
I am hoping to finance a used vehicle in the next month. I have narrowed it down based on my price range to the (2002/2003) Jeep Liberty and the (2003/2004) Mitsubishi Outlander. I have done my own research and discovered pros and cons for both vehicles. I was looking to get some advice on here. I am new to these forums so I hope I am doing this correctly.


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    elgatolocoelgatoloco Member Posts: 92
    We currently own 2 Mitsubishi vehicles. One is an 04 Outlander AWD purchased new, just over 30k & trouble free. Has the Mivec 2.4 that averages 20 - 24 mpg depending on how it is driven. Gets freakishly good mileage on long trips with cruise control set about 70, Maybe the wind was behind us but with a pretty full load we were getting about 27 MPG. Wife likes the simple & functional controls & does not use the sportronic transmission although I use it in city driving to reduce speed. I change the oil & filter every 3k, takes 4.25 qts of 5w-30 & doesn't burn barely a drop so far. The only thing I am looking to change is the headlights. They are about average I guess but we live in a deer infested area. The herds are getting larger every year & they are a real road hazard, I tagged one just before Christmas with my pickup for a little over $3000.00 in damages. The mechanic at my Mitsu dealership looked up an aftermarket kit for the Outlander - forget the brand but he says they are excellent - for about $290.00. I think I am going to spring for them in the next paycheck. If they do a good job I will put them in the Galant also, it is so dangerous on the roads at night around here.

    Other than that...Rides nice, handles the crappy weather, wife loves it, not worried about resale or trade-in because we will probably keep it forever. A best buy for us.

    I have never driven a jeep liberty.
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    kellenbencekellenbence Member Posts: 11
    Well I had my 03' liberty limitd since 03' and I just now purchase a new Oulander 07' WOW you can't compair the 2.(not trying to be mean because I did like my Liby)Here is what was so much better in the Outlander. Ride quality, triptronic, more room, interior look, more compartments, gas milage in my libby was only 13 mpg(hwy) I'm getn 26 in the outlander. Warrantee is also great on outlander. Outlander hands down winner.
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