Mitsu Raider - Maintenance Issues

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    well its only been three weeks since i left the lot with a v8 durocross so i have nothing to report. we have different trims but i will keep checking back - good luck sorting things out.
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    November '06 I bought the '06 V8, DuroCross, Extended cab. The only issues I've had with it were the trim (my dealer quickly replaced) and a "high RPM" thing. Fix for that was a reflash of the computer.

    I am happy with my Raider! Drivers of those excessively large trucks from the big three give me compliments all the time and then their jaw drops with I tell them what I paid. 19k!

    The Raider is a great truck. :)
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    First things first, what problems are you having with your raider? I have a 2006 raider 4WD with the V6 engine. My transmission shifts hard from 1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th gears at times. Also the brakes pulsate when slowing down from highway speeds. I have had the transmission issue since 400 miles and the brake problem since 1500 miles, I now have 5100 miles on the truck. I love everything about this truck except for these two concerns. I have had it to the dealer three times to have these issues resolved and repairs were made to the brakes, but they claim they could not duplicate the transmission issue. I personally rode with a technician and pointed out the issue with the trans. and when I called to check on the truck the next day, they told me the recall that was done that was related to the ABS brakes caused the transmission to have to relearn how to shift and that it would correct it. I drove the truck for over 1,000 miles and still have the trans. concern and the brakes still shake your teeth out of your mouth as well. My kids play a game and guess when their heads will jar back from the harsh shift in my 30K dollar truck. Anyhoo, I hope you find some of this information useful, and If we keep pestering the dealers they will either ban us or fix our S*#^!

    John Klein
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    You have the 42RE transmission.

    Sounds like a sticking Throttle Position Cable. Pretty easy thing to isolate. I suspect your dealing with a Mitsubishi dealer and techs who aren't familar with Dodge transmissions.

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    I love my Raider, please don't get me wrong. When I bought the truck in November, I didn't have any issues with it at all. Starting in March, when I would put the truck in drive, neutral, park, it makes a LOUD clank sounds. Well apparently there is a tech note out on the Raider and Outlander. the manufacturer dosen't have a fix for it. The aluminum drive shaft is the cause. The dealership said they are looking for a fix for 2009, but they probably won't fix current trucks. I have had the truck to the dealership 3 times. I don't want to declare the truck a lemon, I just want it fixed. Anyone else out there with a klunk? :cry:
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    I have the premimum stereo system in my Raider. 6 CD changer, Sirrus. The problem it associates CD text titles with the wrong song. The d :P ealership replaced the deck and it has the same problem. I also tested original CD's in different vehicles. I asked the dealer what the brand was and they don't even know. The titles work with MP3's but not store bought CD's.
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