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For those of you who DIDN'T get the Volvo navigation system, what portable navigation systems are you using in your C70's? I'm not interested so much in general recommendations on which portable system works best, but instead I'm more interested in which portable systems "fit" best in the C70. Things like where you mount it and stow it, and any other C70-specific pros and cons.


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    great machine
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    After comparison between the Tom Tom units and the Viamichelin I decide to go with the Viamichelin X-950T mostly for the form factor (easier to place into a pocket) and the fact that it has the info traffic for free.

    Viamichelin X-950T
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    great deal on this portable nav unit today on QVC :shades: :shades:
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    Anyone on the East Coast interested in buying the latest Volvo Navigation DVD's from Navteq with me. I have a 2006 Volvo C70 with the original DVD from a few years ago. It looks like Navteq has an updated set for 2009-2009 for $200. Since I will never use Disk 1 for the East Coast and only need disk #2 for the west coast I was wondering if anyone with a 2006 c70 would be interested in splitting the cost and taking disk #1. Let me know.
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    I have a question for you...I purchased the latest NAV DVD directly from NAVTEQ and I had a fight with them afterwards because I received only 1 DVD. I thought there were supposed to be 2 or 3 DVDs in there. In fact, I am on the East Coast and that's what I need. I have a 2008 C70. Are we supposed to have the same NAV DVD's or am I supposed to have everything all on one?
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    irbrenda - guess we're both SS and Edmunds Forum members. Didn't get NAVTEQ DVD or HDD based Navigation system on my just delivered MY 08 Metallic Silver OSD C70 (6spd Manual with Premium, Climate, Convenience and Bluetooth) :shades: can't help you split the cost of the Navteq DVD.

    That said - sounds like you're having a hell of a time with Navteq and Volvo - just figuring out whether or not you bought/need 3 DVDs...or just 1 - or NONE if it's HDD based. What a cluster! :blush:

    When we picked up our OSD C70 in Gothenburg in September - the Volvo Factory Delivery Center (FDC) just happened to have a portable GPS Navigation unit available for us to use at N/C. Mrs. Tomkat is a native Swede..and very good with maps - but we were glad to have an assist from the Portable Garmin GPS system - especially since it warned us of the many fixed Speed Cameras on the back roads of Southern Sweden.

    The unit we used was the Garmin Nuvi 760 - and I just happened to see this same unit for sale at Costco today for $250. :surprise:

    This is the same portable unit that Volvo recommends and charges nearly $800 for! :P Granted - you get the 'custom' on dash holder vs the suction cup on the windshield version...but I think I can live without a $500 bean bag on my dash.

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