Honda CR-V vs Accord

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HI guys

This is my first "Own" car and I will like to know what you guys think about the the CRV 07 and the Accord Sedan 07.

I prefer the upright driving position and the little cargo area with adjustable rear seats. Apart from that I don't really know why I should buy a CRV. For comparison between the two, what do you guys think.


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    If you don't need the AWD or the cargo space, the Accord is the better vehicle for ride and fuel economy.

    However, the view out the window of the taller CR-V is good for traffic.
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    We bought an '07 Accord and just put a down payment on an '07 CRV. We love the Accord. It's so comfortable and drives very nicely, and it gets pretty decent fuel economy. We wanted the CRV, though, pretty much for the 4WD capabilities and the extra space for camping trips, etc. We live in Maine, and while the FWD Accord does well in the snow, we wanted something extra in terms of traction.
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    if you have small kids, they're much easier to load into the back seat of the CR-V because the door opening is wider and you don't have to stoop down in order to get in to buckle them up.

    otherwise, the accord is quieter, smoother, handles better, gets better fuel economy, lower center of gravity so less likely to roll over, etc.

    however, where i live, monster SUVs are de rigeur. in our neighborhood especially, it seems to make up 1 in every 3 vehicles is either an escalade, navigator, suburban, or a hummer. if we got T-boned by one of them in a sedan, their bumper would be right at our heads! at least in a CR-V, with the higher seating position, we don't quite feel so vulnerable.
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    If you have small children the opening between the 2 front seats make the CRV nice for having the passenger able to jump right into the back seat if the kids start screaming. With the accord you have to stop and get in the back. Not a big deal unless your driving down the highway or it pouring outside. You will be able to get the accord for a lower price right now than the CRV as the 2007's are in high demand. There both great cars though.
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    I prefer the upright driving position and the little cargo area with adjustable rear seats.

    Those are handy features, and if they're useful to you, they're reasons to choose the CR-V. But if not an Acord might suit you fine.
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    My 06 Accord was totaled and I replaced it with an 07 CR-V. I was hit in the drivers side door by a pick-up going 40 mph. My Accord has side air bags, so I walked away with just neck and back injuries. IMO the Accord is a safe vehicle.

    I can now say that I preferred driving the Accord, especially on longer trips. It just handles better, it's quicker, it's more comfortable, and it has a better ride. The heating system is better, and the gas mileage is better. I think you could buy a set of winter tires for the Accord and be alright depending on where you live.

    The CR-V is great around town. I could be wrong but it seems like like the front end is shorter so it makes parking easier. You can see more unless you are next to a huge SUV. The cargo space is handy, my dogs love it. I can't wait to load up my kayak and head to the river. I love the mp3 jack. I haven't used the AWD yet. It's a great little vehicle but totally different from the Accord.

    They are both great cars, but for different reasons. I wish I could afford to have both. I don't think you could go wrong with either, just take a really long test drive in both.
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    Thanks for the helpful observations.
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    Accord is just too Buick-like these days.

    Have you considered Acura TSX. It is the Accord for the rest of the world?

    I had to make a hard desicion to chose between the CR-V and the TSX. TSX is an awesome vehicle with a 6 spd stick. But a CR-V with 5 spd stick (Gen 2) is a good contender on its own.
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    Buick like? My 2006 Accord handles better (and rides firmer) than either my 1996 or my grandmother's 2002 Accords (all three are 4-cylinder models). If it's Buick like now, would you say it was Town-Car like back then?

    Just my thoughts on things. Other than the Mazda 6, I don't think there are any other midsizers that beat the Accord's handling (although Ford Fusion was comparable).
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    I don't think there are any other midsizers that beat the Accord's handling

    while Accord is listed as Mid-size, it is very close to a full size sedan, hence my comparison to a Buick.

    Drive a TSX, if you want to know what a mid-size sedan is supposed to be and what a FWD sedan should drive like.
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    Um, the TSX is a compact, as is the TL (although TL is a large compact, the Hyundai Elantra has more interior room than the TL). The TSX is one of the best in the business handling-wise for under $35k, but is in a different class (premium - with Lexus IS). The Accord is not "nearly full-size" at 3100 lbs, but is not a bad handler at all. Just because the TSX may be the best sedan in handling, doesn't immediately make everything else equally soft.
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    As the population keeps getting fatter and fatter, they keep changing the nomenclature. These big bellies keep getting in the way of the steering wheel...

    The current Civic is the size of the early Accord. In fact, the 2007 Civic feels larger than my 1987 Accord.

    If TSX or even TL is compact... we need to get on a diet as a country.

    TSX is the rest of the world's Accord, FAMILY SEDAN.
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    I traded my 2006 Honda Accord EX-L for a Cr-V EX-L with Navigation. I love the CR-V, however the CR-V is missing certain standard options that the Accord had. Power Seat,
    Temp Control Heater/AC, Lighted vanity mirrors, auto garage door opener and Power Truck lid. You would think Honda would have included these features on their newest car.
    The Acura RDR has them and they come out of he same plant.
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    How does the ride quality compare between your old Accord & CRV? I had a loaded '03 Accord EXV6 & thought it rode very harsh with considerable road noise for a near luxury car ($27k MSRP) Traded for an '06 Odyssey with the same ride quality.

    I am also surprised the CRV-EXL w/NAV doesn't have a power seat/auto AC/Homelink/etc. That should be standard on a $28k+ MSRP car. Our $35k+ Odyssey doesn't have a power gate...but has NAV...Honda cut one corner too much.
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    I have an 02 accord V6 and thought the ride harsh w/ the oem Michelins. I got goodyear assurance comfort treads and it rides much more smoothly and quietly. See if they make your size for the Odyssey. The negative is because they are so soft I lost 1-2mpg but,hey, it's better than your car "beating" you. Hope this helps.
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    I keep wondering this, as I've seen it posted around how you hate just about every aspect of your Hondas...

    Why would buy TWO cars that of which you didn't like the ride and noise? You keep complaining about Hondas, yet you keep buying them. Help me (and others) understand, please? You don't like the ride? Buy a Camry, Buick, or some other vehicle with a soft ride. Hondas are known to be sportier and firmer than many in the class, while not being the firmest by any means. They also exhibit a fair amount of "car" noises, but for some people (me included) that is a good thing, as I don't want an isolation chamber on wheels.

    Cost cutting you mention? I don't understand how Honda has done a whole lot worse than anyone else, and frankly, I think they've done better than the majority. Ford and Nissan still have Anti-Lock Brakes as OPTIONAL on their midsizers, and many Fusions do not have Side Air Bags either. The Kia Optima has a 185 horsepower engine as its top motor, while the Hyundai Sonata is still selling 4-speed Automatics in its Sonatas (as well as many GM sedans). Toyota Camry is getting poor remarks about its "cheap" interior. So, to get something that hasn't been cheapened too much, I'd look to an Accord, if you want one loaded (EX-V6), they are going for around $24,000, not $28k on the sticker.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    They probably give up some handling, but should suit you fine since you were after a better ride over better handling. The Michelins on today's Accords are V-rated, high-performance All-Seasons, so they will be stiffer for better handling and capability at speed.
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    Thanks,grad. It also occurred to me the these softer tires may contribute to longer suspension component wear because the tire itself is absorbing more of the shock? What do you think?
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    If you read (not troll through) my posts carefully, I don't hate every aspect of Honda cars. I own two & will own more in the future.

    My opinion regarding excessive road noise is shared among the majority of the population. Your opinion is the minority (and you're entitled to it). Consumer reports confirms this...pick up a copy & read it. The whole Honda line-up has road noise issues listed under Cons.

    I speak out about some of the design issues that Honda should address...maybe someone is listening.

    Lastly, why can't a person want a sporty ride without excessive road noise? How about a Lexus IS350? I don't want a Buick or Cadillac with sloppy steering...a new Camry may have the right mix but the quality has dropped so much it is not even a consideration.
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    Sorry about my previous post, I made a sweeping statement about "hating Hondas" that I shouldn't have.

    Still, it just seems the majority of your posts are very negative about Honda; I just have never seen any that were positive about your vehicles.

    A person can want a sporty ride without excessive noise all they want, but you seemed to indicate that you thought your Hondas rode too harsh as WELL as were too loud.

    Again, sorry about before. :)
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    >>The whole Honda line-up has road noise issues listed under Cons.

    That's true, but I was surprised to see Consumer Reports complain about it with the new CR-V. I exchanged a '98 Accord (4cyl) with significant road noise for a CR-V. I'd wanted to do it earlier but the '06 model was too noisy for me. The 2007 model is much quieter, about average for a passenger car, I think. Nope, it's not a Lexus, but neither is its price.
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    ...standard options that the Accord had. Power Seat,
    Temp Control Heater/AC, Lighted vanity mirrors, auto garage door opener and Power Truck lid. ...
    ...The Acura RDR has them and they come out of he same plant.

    Since when power seat, and garage door opener are standard options?
    By temp control heater/AC I assume you mean automatic climate control.

    Since Hondas are modular, and RDX has those options, you can:

    A) Buy RDX in the first place

    B) Buy RDX parts and install on your CR-V.

    I wanted a Garage door opener, so I got one from an Oddyssey. I am sure you can install automatic climate control as well.

    I can't think of the last time I needed to use Vanity mirrors.

    CR-V has no trunk, just a hatchback.
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    To each their own! Its almost always impossible to have all the elements in a car suit a person's needs. Honda cars and SUVs come pretty close which is why they keep selling so many cars and SUVs. People tend to have a whole lot of conflicting needs at different times and Hondas and Toyotas satiate most of the needs most of the time. As an example, CR-V has been called a duffel bag on wheels in some reviews.

    As far as buying an Accord or a CR-V, I would wait for the newer generation Accord before I make the decision. I like the technological bells and whistles that come with a newer generation vehicle and it is not fair to compare a car that is in its last model year (though the Accord won a few comparos with newer card).
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    Also, the new Accord is going to shrink, unless the spy shots on the internet are of "the rest of the world Accord" (TSX here).
  • charles12charles12 Member Posts: 79
    I have a hard time to decide which car to buy - CRV or ACCORD. I brought a Luxus RX 350 for me,but the wife now takes it

    I am now driving a 9 year old Civic with 120,000 miles and would like to replace it with either 08 CRV or 08 ACCORD.

    I likes the higher seating for CRV and 4wd for winter, but it looks from outside a more woman's car, further more the gas milage may be less than an 08 EX-L (4 cylind 190 h)accord.

    The new accord interior looks awesome - better than Acura TL, and have very response performace. plus - better gas milages(?) and looks a more man's car.

    Your opinion??
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    I'm buying a 2008 CR-V for my wife. However, for myself I have driven accords since 1984. I currently am driving 2004 accord and my wife test drove the 08 accord and loves it. However, since we also need at least on e vehicle in the family with a larger cargo area, she is getting the 08 CR-V EX-L w/nav. The point is, since you already have the Lexus RX 350 for extra cargo space when needed, you should get the 08 accord.
  • charles12charles12 Member Posts: 79
    good point, but I like to sit higher. I will retest drive both and give myself a couple of weeks to make final decision.

    Can you tell the real gas milages for your wife's CR-V (city/highway)?
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    I'm also trying to decide between an Accord and a crossover of some sort.

    I don't really like the interior fit/finish of the CR-V. It felt too sparse to me, not "plush" enough. I did notice the lack of features. The Accord on the other hand had a very nice, upscale feeling to it. The ride was great, and the price for an 08 was good too...but..we don't really want to give up the space, AWD, and yes, a higher seating position.

    Anyone think the RDX would sort of have the best of both vehicles (except price and MPG obviously )? I haven't had a chance to test one, because there are no local dealers, so its inconvenient to try that one out.

    For now, I think I'll try driving a Murano, though I think that's slightly bigger.
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    We have a new CRV and an 05 TL. It's nice to have one car that can be used in snow. It's also convenient to have one car with a trunk. Also, occasionally we take an older parent with us and there is difficulty getting into even the CRV. These are somewhat different reasons, but are our considerations.
    As far as gas milage, 4wd always gets lower.
    As far as a woman's vs a man's car, I won't go there.
    The other consideration is take back the RX 350 for yourself(which by the way, some people consider a woman's car).
    And let her choose her new car.

    By the way the woman's car comment was only made in jest and please take it that way. No offense is intended.

    It's good to have these choices,
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    but it looks from outside a more woman's car

    Anything with Automatic transmission is a woman's car. The people at Caddilac invented it in the late 20's and early 30's to attract women buyers who could not manage the clutch.

    So, if you buy a seemingly manly vehicle, but with an automtatic transmission, you are buying a woman's car. Drive stick, be a manly man. :P
  • charles12charles12 Member Posts: 79

    thanks for your comments. I finally gave up buying the CR-V due to the LOUND engine noise when accelarating and brought a new Acura TL base model a few day's ago. I compared the TL with the new Accord and found that the TL is much better than Accord in terms of fit/finish (also performance). I got the 08 brand new TL $2000 below invoice plus 2.9% financing for 36 months from Honda. The TL is only $3650 more than a V6 EX-L Accord (invoice, no finance from Honda for accord - extra cost, therefore the real difference between Acura TL and Accord is less than $3000).

    For those of you who are thinking to buy the Accord, you should definitely look and compare with the Acura TL.

    Stevecar - are you sure that your 05 TL's gas milage is better than your new CR-V? The EPA for the new TL (3.2 L) is 18/26 which is lower or equal to the CR-V.

  • stevecarstevecar Member Posts: 148

    You make a lot of sense. Good luck with the TL. Good choice.This is our 3rd TL after having a Legend for 5 years.

    I average about 22 mpg with the crv - at least 80% city.
    The TL is my wife's car. I drive it on long trips , where we average in the mid 20's. So I'm ot really comparing apples to apples.
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