2017 Tucson won't start after ignition assembly replacement

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Hello all,

I purchased a car that had been vandalized, completely destroyed the ignition switch and part of the opening in the ignition assembly. I went ahead, ordered an ignition assembly from the junkyard and swapped it out - got the respective keys to the assembly. So when I turn the key to ON, everything inside turns on, the AC works, the windows work, the lights work, everything electric seems to work. However, when I turn the key further to invoke the starter/engine, nothing happens. I do hear a small click, like if the solenoid on the started is moving to make contact, but the car does nothing. It doesn't crank, doesn't make any noises or noticeable attempts at turning on besides that small click I just mentioned. I am thinking that it could be the key, as it's not registered to the car, but I will admit that I am coming from a place of ignorance so I would appreciate any and all guidance here. I would also like to point out that the security system seems to be working just fine and the dashboard is not showing any errors related to the immobilizer or the key. Thank you in advance for any and all help!

-Manuel Giron


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    I looked up the starting system in these cars, both with and without the smart key system. Do you have access to service information, specifically wiring schematics? Do you have a capable scan tool? If so, I can walk you through the diagnostics.
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    @thecardoc3 thank you for your response, sorry for the late response, I didn't receive a notification. Anyway, I download the manual but am not sure if the wiring schematics are there? And yes I have a scan tool, but can get a better one if you can recommend one? Thank you in advance for your help with this diagnostic!
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    The schematics won't be in the owner's manual if that is what you downloaded, you will need repair information. For that you can do a "do it yourself" subscription from Alldata. https://www.alldata.com/diy-us/en

    When you try to pull codes, what modules respond and what codes if any do you get from each module?
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