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Highlander Maintenance Required Light is on

joconnorjoconnor Posts: 26
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have a 2006 v6 AWD Highlander. 4551 miles. I will have it one year in February 2007. Today when I started car (twice) the 'Maint Req' light on the dashboard flashed 6 times then went out. It does not stay on. All the fluids good. No problems with car otherwise. Thank you!


  • ann39ann39 Posts: 4
    When I bought my 2001 V6 2WD Highlander it had 11,000 plus miles on it. Ever since I have had it a check engine light will come on and stay for awhile and then it goes off for awhile. In 2003 at 17,620 miles, I took it to the Toyota dealership where I have it serviced all the time and diagnosis was "customer states check engine light on - P1133 - No Pending Codes". They told me it had something to do with emissions and not to worry about it. I took it in today 1-18-07 for service at 49,275 miles and I told them the light was on again and they said it was diagnostic codes P 1130 A/F Sensor Circuit range performance malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1 and P 1133 A/F Sensor Circuit response malfunction bank 2 Sensor 2. They recommended that I replace sensor 1 and sensor 2 at $336.00 each. Have any of you with this same V-6 engine had this problem? Do you agree with me that it was a problem when the car was manufactured and that I should not have to pay to have them replaced? It has caused me no trouble yet. I don't think there was a recall on this problem. I think a Toyoto bulletin #TE0014 dated Feb. 2001 was concerning this problem. Info I retrieved from the Edmunds website. I am new to this site so please bear with me on how I word my messages.
  • billranbillran Posts: 113

    It is getting close to 5000 miles and the blinking light is warning you that the time for an oil change is approching.
  • I have a 2006 v6 Highlander. I change my own oil and perform the basic maintenace by myself. Does anyone have any information on how to reset the maintenace required light? Or will it eventually go out or reset itself after a period of time? Read the manual front to back and cannot find any info about this subject. Thanks.
  • Resetting the "Maintenance Required" light is a simple task. I don't remember the exact sequence but the "trip" reset button is the key. Check with a Toyota service writer...they will tell you. If not, go to another one because some would rather write up a ticket because of "commission".
  • billranbillran Posts: 113
    It is indeed an easy process, but I dont have it memorized, sorry. It is in the manual though, thats where I got the info. Just have to search through there a bit
  • Thanks, I was able to reset by holding odometer button down while turning off ignition switch and turning ignition switch to on and watching dashing go from 5 to 0 and the maintenace odometer resetting to zero.
  • toliklubatolikluba Posts: 2
    I know on the Camry when you start driving all doors automaticaly locked. Is any way i can do it on my 2006 Highlander?
  • toliklubatolikluba Posts: 2
    On my 2006 Highlander i wasn't able to reset low air tire light. Can some one help me? Thanks! Tony
  • moonlight293moonlight293 ILPosts: 23
    I've got an 05 HL also and what I was told at the service center is that there is a button (blends in with the dash) down under the steering column. I know you have to push it in and hold, but I don't know for how long or whether the car has to be running. (New at this site. Don't know why the attached picture is showing but it's not mine.)
  • 1. Be certain odometer is the mode displayed.
    2. Turn off car.
    3. Hold odometer stem in, and turn key only (DO NOT start engine).
    4. Turn key back to OFF position, and release hold on stem.
    5. Turn key again and start engine.
  • kherboldkherbold Posts: 1
    I have a 20087 Highlander adn I never noticed this before as I have the vehicle parked in the garage..but now that I am out at the lake for the summer, I notice that the running lights and interior lights..not sure about that and I believe the back lights turn on at will at night. Just for a minute though and then things shut down. Anyone else experience this or know what to do about it?
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