Dodge Ram or F150?

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Hello, I am looking to buy a truck. What should I look for when I buy a truck? I had 2006 BMW and I had lot of issues with that car and i spend more on maintenance than the car itself. So, I want to do my research this time. I am looking for something low maintenance.

I came across these two trucks and old Lexus. What other models, up to what year and miles would you recommend? When do you think the car prices will go down? early 2023?




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    The most reliable would be the Lexus since that’s made by Toyota but it isn’t a truck. I don’t understand. You say you want a truck but you’re considering a sedan? Do you really want a truck? You know those are generally the most overpriced vehicles in this market, right?

    Depending what you are going to use it for if you want a low maintenance truck, how about a Toyota truck? The Ram has a more car-like ride but the F-150 might be a better work truck.

    Of the two trucks you list the Ram ad says high mileage but only shows 21,000. That’s a red flag.

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    On the Dodge, they state is has high miles but lists it with 21,000 miles. Kinda flaky.

    On the F150, they don’t show the interior at all, which makes me think it’s ratted out.

    Lexus IS the way to go, but it’s not a truck.
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