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I have an 01' prelude and the head light lenses have started to get a yellowish hazing over them. I looked into just replaceing them, but that is very expensive about $700 for both. Does anyone know a way to get ride of the hazing. ie. polishing, sanding ect. ect.


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    Just wanted to let everyone know. I tried using meguiars plastic x to fix the hazing of my headlights. For the most part it worked amazingly. My headlights were really bad. It got rid of all the yellowing(turning completely clear) and cleaned up the film that I'm guessing is slowly disentagrating off my lenses. It didn't completely clear up the film, but I'm thinking it's just to far gone to repair. Anyway just wanted to let anyone know that may be intrested... Thanx for the advice Steve.
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    I was infomed by Honda that buffing the lense will fix the issue. I have not tried this yet due to the weather but will try when warmer temps are here.
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    I have had multiple Sylvania Silverstars burn out on me so I gave up. Any advice.
    I have installed three sets and one has blown out after approx. two weeks of normal use. I don't touch the bulbs in any way at install.
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    Yes, it works. I used a 2000 grit sand paper, available at your auto parts store, wet sanded the lenses, and then used maguires plastic X rubbing compound. The results were amaizing, the lenses look brand new. I've only had to repeat the process once in the last year. Plastic X also work great DVD and CD's.
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    Well, the best way is to get a set from Ebay (Those Sylvania ones sucks). I bought 1 set and it lasted me for 1 year 4 month and 1 bulb burnt and got another set and it has been over 2 years and they are still good. Plus, I have one backup bulb.

    They are cheap - like $12 per pair.
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