Hybrid cars - selling in Canada?

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I've been following the inventory of several local dealerships recently. What I'm seeing is cars are not selling at anywhere near the rate that I expected. Camry Hybrid and Prius sitting for several months now (since November) on local lots and a local dealer offering "only 5" Honda Civic Hybrids with "special" financing deals.

Does anybody have a good feel for how well hybrids are actually selling in Canada?


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    According to this article, Toyota sold approximately 5,873 hybrids in Canada in 2006, and increase from about 2,300 in 2005:

    Toyota sales in Canada in 2006

    So compared to the USA sales, Canada is indeed lagging FAR behind.

    "Who needs a Hybrid, Eh Hoser?" ;) :shades:
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    Winter mileage suffers badly in hybrids (as with all cars). They don't seem to sell well in winter. Add to that the low ground clearance (Prius), and you can see why buyers would opt to get a SUV instead when looking at winter conditions. They do go fast in spring and summer.

    Toyota dealers are not known for cutting prices, if that's what you're looking for. Toyota City in Wetaskiwin Alberta will deal however. I suspect you could get a package "B" Prius for $2000 to $2500 below sticker there.

    There's a dealer just a few blocks from me, and they don't bother stocking Prius during the winter. They usually only have one or two. They get several each spring to bring their stock up.
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    I am looking for a Toyota dealer to cut prices, so I was trying to establish how well the cars are selling and how long they are sitting on the lots.

    It was interesting to compare sales in the US with sales in Canada. In particular the Camry seems to be selling at something approaching 10% of the US rate in Canada, but the Prius, Highlander and RX400h all seem to be selling at a much slower rate than you might expect given the relative size of the two markets. I put this down to the fact that they are all sold at a premium to the US price in Canada, and so are less attractive to Canadians with less disposable income and more reluctance to take on debt to finance a car. The one notable exception is the GS450h which seems to be selling at a rate much greater than you would expect in Canada.

    I'd be surprised if you could buy a Prius B for $2000-2500 off MSRP because the dealer margin is only $2492, but you never know.
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    I was offered one at $2000 below sticker without negotiation.

    The GS450h sales are understandable. At those prices, the buyers don't consider the price so much. They have enough money to get what they want regardless. That car is first off, an image car ("see, I'm environmentally reponsible, I'm driving a hybrid" ;) ). Second, it's a rocket ship! One with full luxury.

    Yes, if you travelled to the US and purchased a Prius, paid cash (or whatever), took it to the boarder, paid -all- duties and taxes, including Canadian GST, AND paid a Canadian Toyota dealer service dept. to add DRLs (the only thing that has to be done), you would still save at least $8000 Can, probably closer to $11,000 Can. A friend of mine and I have done the math and the research to see if we could buy one that way.

    The fatcats at Toyota Canada are ripping us off.
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    Sorry - I don't want to disagree but I must.

    What you end up getting is more car for virtually the same price.

    USA - 2007 Touring Package #2 including exchange, duties and taxes. (~32k Can)

    CAN - 2007 Prius - no package added (~33k) I was quoted a 2007 package #5 for 37580 including GST.
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    I am a proud Canadian and am now visiting my daughter in Nashville, TN.. she drives a Prius, so I've had my first experience with a Hybrid, and I LOVE it! My true feeling is that there is not enough PR done on them.. if they would spend the same money on advertising as they do on all the gas guzzlers, I'm sure people would change their minds. My daughter's car is sleek, streamline and large enough for 2 kids and 2 dogs.. plus it's a blast to drive, so many cool features, not to mention cheap to fill up and that's only once a month.. I am going to look into getting one when I get back home, of course I'm sure we won't get the huge rebate you get in America.. but I don't care, I love driving it and feel like I'm contributing to the wellness of our planet!
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    When we visited Victoria BC a couple years ago many of the Taxi cabs were Prius. I think Vancouver has had a lot of Prius since first introduced.
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    I just moved into the Niagara region and I am looking at purchasing a new hybrid vehicle...definitely considering the Prius. However, coming from the US, I see that prices seem to be quite a bit more here, and not necessarily in balance with the exchange rate.

    I did here about an ad for a sale at this organization called Performance Cars - www.performancecars.ca, which seems to be advertising some decent prices. Has anyone in this region had any experiences with this group or can they give me recommendations on purchasing a hybrid in my area?
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    Performance Cars is the only Lexus dealer in the Niagara area and the largest Toyota dealer. I have not heard anything negative about them. They seem to be a professional dealership.
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    You mentioned Toyota City in Wetaskiwin - anybody know anything about Performance Cars in the Niagara region? Heard about some clearout sale so I was thinking about checking them out as I'm in the market for a new Prius or some other hybrid alternative.
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    should I consider buying out my 2004 Prius lease at $13,338 - with 166,000 km??
    What are the long term implictions re battery etc as the warranty is over
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    should I consider buying out my 2004 Prius lease at $13,338 - with 166,000 km??
    What are the long term implictions re battery etc as the warranty is over

    Generally speaking I'd have to say no. However, in your case, I presume you are facing a large bill for over mileage ($7000 or so?) in which case given the choice of buying the car out at $13338 or walking away at $7000 it becomes a no brainer. Effectively you are getting the car at a marginal cost of $6338, the $7000 is already lost.

    I would not worry greatly about the mileage, there are now quite a few Prius' around with considerably higher mileage than yours.
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    Edmund's has info on buying out leases, that I found useful.

    I feel you may not be looking at this the right way.The estimated $7k is the hit they will take on resale anyway. Although you see it as a penalty to you, it's not going to be 'free' money to them either.

    Here's what I would try. They want $13k, I am assuming that includes sales tax.
    Then make a Counter offer for $10k and be FIRM on that as an out-the-door price.

    Any reticence on their part - head for the door. Don't let them pitch to you. If they try then just mention there's a Fit across the street you want to look at. Then Shut your mouth and head for the door. I bet they will call you back before you even reach that far !

    Here's what they don't want you to know :- With 166kms on the clock car this will almost certainly be going to auction. Auctioneers would need to sell it for $9k to make it worthwhile. LOL And that 166k mileage won't win their hearts either. Plus they would have to offer a warrantee also.

    The dealership is going to be highly motivated here, they would really like to wash their hands on this one. I think you should try "This is my final offer" idea..

    Believe me they won't hurt - your car may fail eventually and they will be getting the repair biz and you may not have puchased an extended warrantee. It's almost a no lose situation for them.

    I bought out my lease, because they discontinued that model in a 2dr version, and I had lo-mileage and no problems on mine. On the other hand had that particular model still been available for purchase I would have discarded the vehicle at end of lease.

    This will be a short year for the '09 Prius as the new GEN 3 Prius will be arriving as a 2010 model in April. Once the hoopla is over, with the new plants at full capacity they will be shipped in quantity and prices will reduce. Until then you might try and get the leasing company to go for a lease extension to reach that more opportune time.
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    I don't think your advice to myrnamather is good. Viewing this from Toyota's perspective, they will either sell the car to myrnamather for $13K (+taxes) or they will take it back together with a cheque for $7K when they find out how many kms it has on it. They will be happy in either instance since either they get the $13K they budgeted for or they get a cheque for $7K plus a car that they can certainly unload at auction for better than $6K in which case again they get their $13K. Chances of Toyota negotiating on this one I put at zero.
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