2007 Grand Prix Rattling/Squeaking Noise

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forums and have recently had trouble with my car that has led me here.

For about a month, my car has been making a squeaking noise when coming to stops occasionally. Then, a couple days ago, my car started to make a rattling noise that felt like a small vibration under me. Yesterday, I took the car to Jiffy Lube where they performed a brake inspection and they found all brake pads to be in good condition and found no problems with the car at all. The technician suggested that I get my tires replaced because they're 11 years old, but I am not sure if that could be the problem. Today, upon first turning the car on, the rattling was barely there. It seemed to get progressively worse as I drove it more throughout the day, then the rattling became accompanied by a squeaking/squealing sound that could be heard from the outside of the car. The noise also seems to only happen when braking or cruising, and seems to not happen while accelerating. I also tend to feel the rattling more at slower speeds, around 15mph on residential streets. The car runs fine otherwise and I have had no issues with braking or any other functions of the car.

Vehicle Information:
Grand Prix
3.8L V6
84,942 Mileage


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    That kind of a description would be great for a technician to drive your car and experience the condition and then investigate for the cause. Unfortunately, all anyone can do without actually doing that is guess. That being said the description does have me thinking that one of the sounds "might be" an exhaust heat shield, but again that is little more than an impression that needs to be proven by examination.
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