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Toyota Tacoma Electrical and Lighting Issues



  • ginaw1ginaw1 Posts: 1
    I am trying to find out why my battery light would be on

    is it a loose connection, bad battery or my alternator maybe? the truck is custom but runs good other than some sputtering problems i have recently started having. Can anyone give me a clue as to how to troubleshoot this problem?
  • 2004 Tacoma 6 cyl TRD. Put in a new die-hard gold, now digital clock is blank and radio (am-fm -cd) is not working either.. #11 fuse is good. Any help?
  • everytime i press the brakes the right turn signal lights up but does not flash. the right and left signals both work properly when not braking. :confuse:
  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    The temperature guage and compass in my 2005 Tacoma Access Cab 4x4 stopped working perhaps 6 months ago. I nosed around here and recently checked a series of posts on another forum and found that a couple of very specific resistors on the board had failed connections. This is turning out to be a not uncommon problem in this truck.

    It's pretty easy to get the whole unit out (one screw and tug against a couple of spring clips), disconnected (two cable connectors) and disassembled to get at the circuit board. Toyota wants an astonishing $800 to replace the unit. A friend re-soldered the resistors and I'm now back in business, confident that my pal's solder work is going to hold up far longer than the ones done by the manufacturer in Mexico.
  • I've had my 95 4x4 3.4 5spd taco for like a month. its got like 266k miles. I've put about 2k on it already. It just started acting up.
    i go out to my truck after work yesterday, and the radio (still original is playing and the interior lights are on.
    The stereo turned off when i got home a half hour later, but when my wife came home another 2 hours later, the stereo was on again, and whe i walk out to investigate it turns off on its own.
    Now the interior lights still don't turn off (they only) dim and i have to turn off the stereo manually, if i don't want it running randomly when i'm not in it.

    I live in Calif. and it's recently been raining. the only significant rain since i've owned it...
  • scavanaghscavanagh Posts: 1
    My 1999 Toyota Tocoma has an issue with the brake light / blinker light. When I have my left turn signal on it works until I step on the brakes then it just goes solid. Any ideas as what I can check. Thank you
  • Hey there I have the same problem any chance you can tell me exactly what he did ?? gonna try and fix it aswell
  • 2004 Tacoma

    When I flip the turn signal lever down for a left turn, the RPMs jump up 500-1000 from the previous RPM level. I can do this over and over.

    Also the when flipping the left turn signal lever down, all of the rear lights blink except the right turn signal light which does not light up. If I press the brakes they all stop but remain on.

    Also when pressing the brakes, the left turn signal lights, front and back, turn on continuously.

    While the left turn signal is blinking I can hear and feel a very noticable clicking in the gear shift control.
  • switched engines out from a 5spd to Automatic and now i am having problems with it,
    started but no current going to plugs??
    From Distributor no electric going thru wires to the plugs....

    Please advise..........

    thank you.... :confuse:
  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    There is a thread here that explains some of the details here.

    The problem resistors are marked 510. There is a single screw holding the whole unit in place, inside the sunglass pop-down case. The front is kept in with clips that are part of the unit at the front. You can tug it down. Don't remember it being that big of a problem.

    The circuit board is screwed to the plastics. Disconnect the cable plug, remove the circuit board and re-solder the contacts on the resistors. If you don't know how to solder (as I didn't), have a competent friend do it.

    Then put it back together. Mine didn't need to be re-calibrated, but I did need to set the location as per the TSB regarding the compass/temp gauge. Good luck.
  • My 2003 Tacoma does the same type of thing. I can drive anytime with the lights off and the tail lights work as normal. Once I turn the lights on the reverse lights come on and the left blinker is either fast as can be or does not blink at all. However the green interior arrow on the dash stays constant green? I can not even get a mechanics to figure this out.
  • krislynne76krislynne76 Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I can drive anytime with my lights off and the tail lights work as normal. Once I turn the lights on the reverse lights come on and the left blinker is either fast as can be or does not blink at all. However the green interior arrow on the dash stays constant green? I can not even get a mechanic to figure this out. I cant even get this truck inspected right now due to the malfunction. This is ridiculous... since all the recall issues now I can not even get a fair trade value on this toyota neither. Please Help!!!!!
  • rmreidrmreid Posts: 2
    I am guessing that the people that are having these funky things happen with turn signals and lights have trailer wiring??? I tracked my problem down to the converter that plugged into the tailight wiring. The little converter had gone bad. $35 replacement and good to go.

  • henry1975henry1975 Posts: 2
    Hey there I want to tank you for the advice I dit exacly how you say and the gage start working agaian only ane thing thre is two 510 resistors soo I WELD THE TWO RESISTORS oder than tha you explaing exacly .THANG YOU AGAIN
  • bob2380bob2380 Posts: 1
    This is in response to post # 37 by scavenagh. I have the exact same symptom on my '95 Tacoma. How did you resolve your problem?

    A month ago the left turn signal failed to work on my trailer, and I found that the voltage to the left turn signal pin on the trailer electrical connector was half what it was at my Tacoma's left turn bulb. I reasoned that the problem was inside a sealed harness adapter screwed to the truck's frame, and I resolved the problem by running a wire to bypass that adapter, using a copper clamp to thoroughly secure my bypass wire to the existing wire, and sealed that up with liquid electrical tape, all of which is still as solid and sound as it was when I installed it.

    Now I see there is a later post which suggests that the trailer signal convertor box may be to blame, so I'll be checking that. Anyone else who has had this problem and resolved it, please post your solution.
  • tsmith16tsmith16 Posts: 16
    What year Tacoma do you have? Toyota must have changed the circuit board on the 07 model. My temp/compass stopped working yesterday. I took it apart and could not see anything wrong with the two 510 resistors. In fact the resistors and the entire circuit board is sealed with a greenish looking film. When I put it back together it started working, blinked slowly a couple of times then stopped working again. Any ideas?
  • bigandybigandy Posts: 70
    Mine is a 2005. Has no green film. When you say there was nothing wrong with the resistors, are you certain the solder is in good shape on both. It clearly was not on mine and that of others. There are electronics shops out there that might be able to take a look at it and tell you if indeed the solder on those resistors is intact. That the definitely the source of the problem for several of us.
  • tsmith16tsmith16 Posts: 16
    I was wrong. I took it apart again, pushed on the resistors with a small screw-driver, and sure enough, one side of the 510 resistor was loose. Soldered both ends of both resistors, re installed the console, and it works. Yea!
  • boing757boing757 Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    The starter was sounding a litte weak,so i thought I'd check it out.I removed the batt. terminals and they were shot so I replaced them.When I hooked them back up the 4-ways started flashing and the door alarm sounds when I open the door with no key in and it won't turn over.Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening and what i can do to fix it?It's a manual tranny if that makes a difference.
  • I have a 2002 Tacoma with exactly the same did you resolve the issue?

    pls also reply to
  • wformanwforman Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    i have a 2004 toyota tacoma. the dome lite & map lite are not working. i had a friend try to wire into dome light for power for a dome lite in camper top. i found a rel squirrels nests. removed what he did but both lights are inop. 15 amp fuse under hood is good any suggestions?
  • I have a 2001 Toyota tacoma. When i turn the lights on to drive at night my left hand blinker automatically comes on, doesnt blink, but stays still. Then when i drive during the day the left blinker blinks like normal but then it makes all the lights in my dash and my clock blink at the same rate as the blinker.
    Ive had people look at it but they have no idea whats causing it, any ideas?
  • My 2009 Tacoma suddenly lost the left front marker (illuminated when headlights are off) and the left front signal (same bulb for marker and signal, 2 filaments in bulb). The left signal blinks fast and the left rear signal is still working. Neither filament in the bulb appears to be blown.

  • rayw7rayw7 Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 with the exact same problem. It's been driving me crazy all summer but haven't had time to bring it anywhere. Have you found a fix for the problem since your post?
  • Did you ever figure out what the problem was? My truck 95 Tacoma is doing the same thing. Also, when my headlights are off and I use the left blinker, the right hand brake light flashes. It's quite odd. If you have any ideas, please let me know!
  • rayw7rayw7 Posts: 2
    Trailer Wiring Harness:
    Give the wiring harness for the trailer hitch a good look. I found several potential sites of the problem because the harness was spliced into the truck wiring with the quick splice clips. So I just took the whole thing out and reinstalled it with the heat-shrink tubing and now everything works perfectly! Good luck!
  • Hello Mboar. Did you find a fix for this? I've experienced this along with other symptoms such as the oil light and seat belt light staying on even with the key off. Any information you have would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  • anoleanole Posts: 1
    My 2004 6cyl xcab had all these things fail more or less at once. Fuses were blown, but I replaced them and still no joy. The fuses are still good. Also the lights under the fan dial and the light under the PRND12 indicator have become somewhat intermittent.
  • ptruckinptruckin Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Tacoma. I was driving to work just the other day and hit a few pot holes pretty hard, all of a sudden my left blinker came on and stayed on. I'm thinking it has to be a loose connection. Did you ever find out what the root of the problem was? Please let me know, it is really annoying.
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