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finding parts

350kred350kred Member Posts: 1
edited October 2022 in Geo
I've got a 1994 Geo Metro, base model. The car has been my commuter dream (47-52 mpg depending on traffic). The chassis has 478,000 miles & I just rebuilt the engine & put a newer (lower mileage) transmission in it. My problem is, I cannot find front wheel hubs for it anywhere. I've been told that I can use wheel hubs for Saturn S-1 or S-2 sedans, but I can't verify the specs (Pilot dia, flange dia, spline quantity, etc). Does anyone know of a source for Metro or Suzuki Swift wheel hubs? Or what I can do to change over to a 13" tire suspension for a later model Geo? This little thing has another 250,000 miles left in it & I'd hate to park it over wheel hubs.
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