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RX 350 California vehicles compared to other states

bann1810bann1810 Posts: 15
edited March 2014 in Lexus
Is there a difference between a Lexus RX350 built for Calf. and a RX built for other states. Can you tell me what it is. Planning to buy in Calf. because of their aggressive dealer pricing and driving to Texas. But was concerned about the Calf. emisson standards effecting MPG and the need of premium grade of fuel. Any help is appreciated.


  • bann1810: I don't think the emission requirements on Calif. cars are any different these days than other states (I know it used to be 49 state cars, and Calif. cars). In CA, the FWD RX is rated at 20/25; AWD 19/24. Even the brochure just gives the above mileage with no indication any cars are made with different ratings. Even the site - gives only the above figures.

    Not sure if it's a big deal or not, but my car was built in Japan, not Canada. I've read where some people think the Japan-made cars are better, but who knows.

    Also, I've read (maybe on other forums..) that some people use regular & mid-range gas without any noticeable difference in performance. So far I've only used premium but will probably try regular just to see if I can tell any difference. With all the computer anti-knock gizmos these days, I would be surprised if it matters much.
  • Bann1810 Did you get your Rx yet? I too have been shopping Ca dealers and am told that if the car is drove off the lot CA sales tax must be paid even though MT doesn't have sales tax(the state the vehicle will be registered).Mission Veijo said they would ship it up here while Riverside Lexus mentioned picking car up in Las Vegas or close to the border. Was wondering how you handled ypur delivery.
  • macjule, have not purchased but will with in the next couple of days. I'm located in Texas which has a 6.25% state sales tax. Cal. sales taxes vary by county where Mission Vieja Lexus is located the tax is 7.75% which in my case added and additional $525 over what my Texas taxes would be. Oxnard Lexus has a tax of 7.25%. You have to pay Cal. taxes unless you have the car shipped out of state but I found shipping to Houston would be between $799. & $1000. which is more than the cost of the additional sales taxes. But if you don't have a sales tax that may be the best way to go. I can't get as good of pricing in Texas but Grapevine Lexus is getting close, so I will probably go with them. When I add in the added taxes and travel cost the numbers start getting close. I have found that prices are lower right now with the 08 arriving if you can find dealers with a good inventory of cars with the right options. Mission Viejo quoted me $34,660. + taxes and the one way pass on a MSRP car of $41,496. this is the best price I have found. Best of luck.
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