A problem since day one with otherwise good vehicle

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Since the time we first purchased this vehicle, and while still under full warranty, in cold weather the battery drains overnight. Has been in the shop multiple times, radio was replaced, all different sort of tests were performed to find the cause of the drain - which also dramatically shortens the life of the battery. This is a well recognized and common problem that VW has NEVER addressed. Though this is now just a backup vehicle, we still rely on it to start when we need it. Actually carry a spare/fully charge battery during the winter know we will need it. Have tried to contact VW support, but no answers no reply. Judging from what I see online there are enough people with the same (unsolved) problem that could still bring a serious class action suite against the company since it was never resolved while under warranty.

Don't like to sue, but it is more that frustrating to have a care that has been a problem since day one. As I said, still love a lot about the old car (which is otherwise as clean and sharp as the day we purchased it). BUT..... enough is enough. Tired of corporations ignoring problems.

Anyone been able to get any answers from VW? I know this involved more than just the 2003 model,.

Have a great team of lawyers and they can keep the money, if they can resolve the problem thousands of buyers have had to learn to live with by VW lack of action.


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    You need an automotive technician that can diagnose and solve the problem, not a lawyer.
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