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Toyota 4Runner Instrument Panel Questions

jgalovinjgalovin Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in General
Would anyone happen to know why my parking brake light in my dash would keep coming on? I drive a 1998 SR5 4Runner. My parking brake is off but still the light comes off and on while driving. There's no real pattern to it. Possibly the cable is stuck or getting hung up on something??


  • bobgordonbobgordon Posts: 156
    Is it just a brake light coming on?
    Check the brake fluid level in your master cylinder. It might be low or the fluid level sensor maybe sticking.

    Hope this helped. :)
  • The same thing has started happening with mine. But I know that my parking brake doesnt work/gets stuck. I have predictions that the leaking sun roof (from a seal... anyone else have this issue??) has dripped water into the parking brake area - maybe rusting it. I was thinking that because of the water possibly rusting the cable it may have had something to do with the light coming on and off randomly.... but I have no clue. I see that you posted in January... have you fixed your problem??

    I have a 1999 SR5 4Runner that has the parking brake come on and off randomly while driving..... anyone else know what to do about this??
  • My parking brake light came on when my alternator was going out, and apparently this is not uncommon. Are you still getting a good charge from your alternator?
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