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VTC Actuator

CaribeCaribe Member Posts: 1
edited November 2022 in Honda
We replace the timing chain on our 2014 CRV two times within 5 years, first under (60,000 mile) warranty and then without warranty. Everyone know this is RARE. The vehicle started making a loud noise after that. Just when cold and starting.
One shop told me I need to replace the balance shaft chain for $1,700+ labor and $400-500 for parts.

I consulted with dealership and they said the vehicle does NOT have a balance shaft chain. It only has a timing chain and an oil pump chain. According to them that is not the issue. The problem may be the VTC actuator.

When I do a search online I find balance shaft parts for CRV 2014.

There are class action lawsuits and recalls due to faulty VTC actuators.

Is it dangerous to drive it with a faulty actuator for a few days. What is the downside?


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,776
    When looking up oil pump replacement you find that the oil pump is attached to the front of a balancer assembly that bolts to the bottom of the engine. I can't say why you have gotten conflicting information but suspect there was either a communication issue or you were simply speaking to the wrong person at the dealership.

    A camshaft actuator making noise on start-up suggests it is bleeding off when the car is parked, and the lock pin is unable to lock into position. That combined with the report of having had two timing chain failures leaves me asking why? One possible suspect is oil change intervals and what oil has been used when services were performed. Is the engine showing signs of debris in the crankcase and under the valve cover? Here is a capture from service information showing the oil pump attached to the balance assembly.
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