Pathfinder Engine Swap

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Anybody out there know if a vg30ett (300zx) or RB26 (Skyline) Engine would fit?? if so with how much Mods?? Any help is appreciated!!!!


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    does anyone know where can i find the engine numbers on my block to verify if its the original engine on my 1995 pathfinder 3.0
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    My Pathfinder idles high (2000-3000 RPMs) once it has reaches
    normal operating temperature. Originally it was surging, I disconnected the ACC valve and idled it down,then it quit surging.Plug it back in, idle raises back up. No surging now, just a high idle. There is no air in the IAA unit, I have bled it several times thinking that it had air in it. Now I am positive that it has no air in it. I have recently installed this motor myself, I did not change the ECM, I felt no need because the motors were identical. There is NO check engine light on, ECM light is green. PCV valve is new,
    Thank you in advance!
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    Hi, I have a 91' pathfinder automatic, I would like to put in a new motor. I found a 5 stroke, is it possible to put in or would I need to change the transmission as well?
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