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Tuning High-End Luxury Vehicles

benztunerbenztuner Posts: 76
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I wanted to get a place just people who are interested in high-end luxury car tuning. I am talking ultra high-end, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, etc. I own a high-end tuner shop and I have found myself with very few people who feel the same as I do about these cars. I am hoping to get similar and different views together to inspire great tuner based conversation. Frankly speaking, I am disappointed by the lack of taste, passion, interest, and love of the cars displayed by a lot of the aftermarket culture. Too many times companies jump into the aftermarket field because of the numbers and that isnt what it is all about; at least to me.
I greatly appreciate the cars, I enjoy every aspect that went into their creation and I would not dare disrespect the car by slapping on some cheap or rediculously gaudy products just because that is a trend. I guess that is why Im so passionate about German/Italian vehicles. They put so much thought into every little detail that once you recognize genuinely great work you become biased to it. If you feel the same way, or feel different please put your thoughts up.
I want to see what items/tuners are hot in other places. I hope im not alone in my thoughts. Now maybe im a control freak, but when someone comes into my shop I would not tell them that they are going to put this or that on their car. I hate to bring it up, but some shops do this, if you watch Speed Channel you might know who I mean. They are telling people the wheels he is going to put on their car, he picks out their audio/video, and everything; is it me or does this go against the very ideas/morals behind customizing your car. I got into this business because the first car I ever had was a 1997 328is. I bought the M aero package and re-sprayed the car in 354 Metallic Silver, I put M3 wheels on it, customized the audio, and the interior. I took so much pride in the finished product, and even though it wasnt a new M3 or anything nicer it was special to me because it was my creation. After I finished the car I decided I wanted to give that feeling to other people, so I opened my own tuner shop.
I own a high-end luxury tuner shop, on the East Coast, for Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Range/Land Rover, and specializing in Mercedes-Benz. I have all of the info on the newest of the new tuners and cars.
I am the importer for a new Mercedes-Benz tuner that is breaking into US markets and Id like to get some feedback from everyone if you dont mind. The tuner's name is A_R_T Tuning. They are based out of Germany. They have been around for a little while and have had great success in Germany, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Please take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think, good and bad. Thanks everyone, and please feel free to post questions, thoughts, or just good conversation about tuning great cars.

ART Tuning website - www.art-tuning.de
**You will have to choose the UK/US version unless you can read German


  • This is the new ART W221 S class kit, well Sportline Kit. They also have a Avantgarde Kit. The ART kits give a fresh insight into Mercedes Benz tuning. They allow enthusiasts to change up the looks of their Mercedes, since most tuners pick a style and that style is repeated throughout the entire line. If you're interested in ART or any Mercedes tuner, Carlsson, BRABUS, KLEEMANN, RENNTech, WALD, Fab Design, MKB, etc let me know and ill help you out. Luxury tuning is my life, I love the cars, the tuners, the people, everything. If you like luxury cars, if you like tuning, and especially if you're interested in tuning luxury cars send me a message Id like to talk to you. So heres the ART Tuning W221 S Class.
  • fox7fox7 Posts: 1
    how can i get ahold of you i am interested in art tuning also how do i get art parts.
  • benztunerbenztuner Posts: 76
    If you want to get ahold of me send me an email to [email protected] Ill wrtie you back and give you my email address/phone number and we'll go from there. Im a dealer so you can buy them from me. Let me know if you have any more questions. Joshua.
  • tireguy3tireguy3 Posts: 1
    I am researching the luxury tuner market, trying to get a feel of how big it is, who are the type of consumers that really make up this segment of the market. You seem very enthusiastic about luxury tuning, so I thought you might have some insight on the subject, or know of a couple websites I could visit to learn more about this incredible phenomenon. Like you have stated, I am interested in high end vehicles not the tricked out rice burners that you often see. If you could direct me to a source of information I would greatly appreciate it.
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