Truck will not start

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Went out to go to work and my 2004 Canyon almost started then I only hear a sound like the starter is spinning but it will not crank over. Also the keyless remote will not lock the doors it only chirps/honks about three times.

Any suggestions as to where to start??



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    :s Problem solved the interior light off button has pushed in so the light wouldn't come on so I was unaware the passenger door wasn't fully shut. The circuit was open and that is why it was chirping. Jumped the truck which took a good amount of time as it had drained below the needed amperage which was why very hard to start. Then while troubleshooting this issue while it charged the driver's window wouldn't roll down while the other three would, also the doors wouldn't lock. Once the truck warmed up and the battery had the required amperage the windows and locks again worked plus it started without a problem.

    Sorry for bothering the fine members of this forum.
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