GLS 450 Extended warranty

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Looking to find out where is the best place to buy Extended Warranty for Mercedes-Benz. Want only original Mbenz warranty not any third party. Of course the dealer where I buy 2023 GLS will sell extended warranty but if it works for other makes the dealer usually charges much higher. For example Honda extended warranty from my local dealer was 4 times higher that I got from a Honda dealer from another state. So checking to see if there is a preferred Mbenz dealer that charges less for the same benz extended warranty



  • AcresNomadAcresNomad Member Posts: 2
    BTW in case someone is looking the best rates for Extended Warranty From Mercedez Benz I found so far is for new GLS 450
    1/75 $2400
    2/75 $2950
    3/75 $3830
    1/100 $3110
    2/100 $3660
    3/100 $4650
    about 500 to 2000 more than my local dealer. Warranty honored any MB dealership in the US

    Prepaid Maintenance (Although not sure if prepaid maintenance is worth it)
    2 services $1700
    3 services $2360
    4 services $3270

    If you know of better rates for Extended warranty (Only MB warranty as not interested in third party warranty) please post. I can also provide info on where you can get the above rates but need to make sure I can post it here and not violate posting rules

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