Cruise control stops after braking

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I am having an issue with the cruise control on my 2014 Buick LaCrosse. Cruise works fine until I press the brake. The cruise is disengaged which is great but I can not get it to re-engage. I have to turn the car off for 15-20 seconds, then restart. It will work fine until the next brake.

Now here's the kicker. This problem is somewhat intermittent. It might work great for a few hours, then suddenly the problem will show up. It's been doing this for quite some time (year +) but it's becoming more annoying. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Steve K.


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    Has anyone checked the body computer AND the engine controller to see if the brake switch data is correct while the problem is occurring? The brake sensor is a two part device that sends separate information to the BCM and ECM. The data has to match between those two modules or systems like cruise get shut down. There is a chance that the sensor input needs to be retrained and that is done with a professional scan tool.
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