Coolant Leaking, Please help, 150K

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Please Help. 150k on a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I noticed a couple drops of coolant in the driveway and always ignored until now. The car heats up to 240 and the red coolant light appears on the dash. It continues to heat up to 280 degrees and then I get the red lightning bolt. I tried the pressure test and heard very faint hissing from radiator. Could that be it? Otherwise maybe water pump? maybe head gasket? I'm not sure and wanted to possibly not take in and instead fix myself but at this point I"m not sure where to begin. After 30 minutes of running or so, it starts to show smoke from under the hood but I can't place where it's coming from. Only couple drops of coolant on the skid plate. It's only about 30 degrees outside and I'm no longer driving it.


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    Letting the engine get up to 280f is going to add problems to an already broken vehicle. You need to have this fixed before you drive it or run it anymore. I find myself wondering if the coolant level is too low for the temperature sender to not be in contact with the coolant and if the engine is getting even hotter than you realize. There is no way for us to tell you what is leaking, you will need someone with the necessary tools and skills inspect and test your Jeep and figure that out for you.
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