Brakes mystery

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Have a 2015 Express, ~110K miles. Brakes fine at first, but after heating up/repeated braking, pedal will depress almost all way to floor. Still able to stop vehicle, but not as easily. Will usually smell pads smoking and wheels get hot to touch in front. No issues rear. Once vehicle cools down, problem resolves. Have taken to several shops, to include two GM dealerships. None can duplicate problem and say all is well. Advice


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    How long do you need to drive the vehicle and in what kinds of traffic and road conditions do you have to encounter to get the symptom(s) to occur?
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    Usually in moderate traffic with frequent braking. Sounds crazy, but the colder the air temp, the longer it takes to occur. Road conditions are almost always good. Dry, smooth. But I would estimate within 15 minutes in moderate traffic with air temp 75 or so.
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    Did the shop know that the vehicle has to be driven that long and under the proper conditions to get the symptom to occur? Would you be willing to drive the vehicle for them and get it to start happening so that it could be investigated from that point?
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    The shops were informed. Yes, I think driving it for them will have to be the next step.
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