Inappropriate ABS Activation

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Hey! The ABS on my '05 Pathfinder has been intermittently activating when it shouldn't be. So far it only happens at very, very low speeds on completely dry pavement. Has anyone else (any model year, at any speed) had "hyperactive" ABS problems? At this point, Nissan wants to do nothing and make me keep driving until the problem happens more often. I'm not entirely comfortable with that. Thanks!


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    The same thing is happening with my new Honda Fit since the 2nd week I got it. Now has almost 1000 mi. and has been to dealer about 4 times. I would say brakes came on about 7 times at low speed, always. Starts with a noise now and then the crunching or pulsating pedal. Taking it back to Honda tomorrow after having it there today without fixing. I'm taking them all my printed info since they are vague about this problem. They are giving me a rental and trying to get to the bottom of it.
    I would just as soon not have ABS now but then I could have bought that little Yaris! I really like my little Fit. She's the first I've had new but I think ABS should be an option and save 1k on a car...considering these mysterious unfixable problems that have been created.
    WE are not alone!!
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    Same here with my 2007 Honda Fit. The ABS activates at very low speeds (1-5mph) over bumps, and seems to be getting progressively worse. I took it in to the dealer, where they called American Honda Tech to check it out. After two days of running tests, they confirmed nothing was wrong. They stated that the braking system was working as it was designed. And they test drove two other honda fit's, which did the same low speed ABS activation. They gave me my car back, and said that everything is working normal. It still seems to be getting worse and is not comforting that something that was designed to work in emergencies only, is activating 20 times a day on my commute to work.
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