2000 GM: interference engine?

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Can someone tell me if my 2000 Grand Marquis has an "interference engine"? Also, when should the timing belt be replaced? I cannot find that information in the booklets that came with the car.


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    When you are researching for your next car is there a way to find out if the manufacture's engines are "interference" or "non-interference engines". I would hate to call all the dealerships and ask.
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    Your GM does not have a timing belt like many of the imports, it has a timing chain and it does not have a regular replacement cycle. It could conceivably go several hundred thousand miles without replacement. Chances are that if it does go it will become noisy (sound a little like a diesel) which will give you a clue that a replacement is necessary.
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    generally timing chain engines (like yours) are interference engines where the valves qwill hit the pistons if the timing chain fails (remote chance).

    Generally timing belt engines are freewheeling , meaning the valves will never contact the psitons if the belt fails. However, many import cars do have interference engines with timing belts and they must be repalced at 100,000 miles to be safe.
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