Ignition issue

CucciboyCucciboy Member Posts: 1
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Ok so sometimes I have ignition and power sometimes I dont, may take 10 turns of the key before it starts, just had ignition switch replaced no help batter terminals are clean and good contacts help I'm at a loss


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,614
    What works, and what does not when the problem occurs? With one turn of the key and the problem is occurring, things like:
    List working/not working;
    Power sockets?
    Trunk release?
    Both high and low beams?
    Power seats (if equipped) ?
    4-way flashers?
    Brake Lights?
    Power Mirrors?
    Instrument Cluster?
    Blower Motor?
    Any others?

    Do you have a 12v test light?
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