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Passenger Side Door Replacement Tips

ConnorConnor Member Posts: 1
edited February 2023 in Honda

So I own a 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L and I bought it off my aunt and she had a little accident where she was towing it to Texas and the winch she was using flew off and tore the passenger side door. She replaced it and now that I have it the door won’t close all the way unless you slam it. So I was looking to replace the entire door and wanted to know what it would take to do so. As far as I’ve seen there’s only one connection on the side and I don’t want to tear the rubber off of it. I want to know how easy it would be to replace the door and if it would just be take the bolts out and put them back in and plug the connections into the new door. I don’t want to have to splice any wires together or have to replace anything within the door. Or if there’s another fix that I don’t know of that would get it to close better.

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