Which one has high resale value: ODYSSEY/PILOT

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I am interested in buying new Odyssey. I am wondering if you have any thoughts on which one has high resale value: ODYSSEY OR PILOT. I understand Pilot is SUV and Odessy is a mini van.

Why I got this question, one of my friend wants to sell his odyssey (2003) but is there on the market since one month. The my friend marked the right price for this vehicle.

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.



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    I own both, the Odyssey and Pilot and the local dealerships always try to get me to trade in my Pilot. May be there is a higher demand for the Honda Pilot or they just want me to come in purchase a new car as well. Who knows, but I think it is true that the Pilot is in higher demand because if you think about it what single person would drive an Odyssey, but a Pilot on the other hand, whether you have a family or not you will still look more cool driving this SUV. That is just my opinion.
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    Hi, krushi,

    Have you asked the folks in the SUVs vs. Minivans discussion?


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    Forget about resale value which will be good in either one because each is a Honda. Which one do you like the best? Which one will fill your needs better?
    My son has his 2nd Odyssey and it is better for his family with 3 children. My niece has a loaded Pilot and has 4 children but she got it because it is not cool to drive a minivan. The Odyssey has MUCH more cargo space behind 3rd row and the 3rd row seating is also much more comfortable and easily accessed than the Pilot. However, the front seats of the Pilot have slightly more leg and foot room than the Odyssey.
    Remember, ALMOST every new vehicle is a depreciating asset although some depreciate more slowly.
    IF you want an SUV, buy the CR-V which will cost less and get better gas mileage. :shades:
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    Good post, hansienna.

    My wife are starting to look at the Odyssey vs Pilot for the end of the year when the lease on her 04 Odyssey is up; the Odyssey seems to be a much better fit for us, with 3 kids.

    My car is a CR-V, and it's been great (mostly driven on my 10-mile urban work commute, with part-time kid-carrying duties). I highly recommend it.
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    I've been searching for a Honda 4WD Pilot for four weeks now in the Los Angeles area and -every- dealer I visit tells me the same thing, "All of the 4WD's are in Northern California"

    Why is it so difficult to buy a 4WD in Los Angeles? :confuse:

    I've owned an Accord and an Odyssey and love them. Before the Pilot was available I owned a Jeep 4WD Cherokee (I drive in snow in the local mountains a lot) but Cherokees are becoming to expensive as time goes by. Now I'm looking for a Cherokee replacement and I know Pilots are available in 4WD but I can't find one!

    Honda marketing needs to allocate 'some' 4WD's to the urban areas otherwise I'm not gettin the "Mr. Opportunity" ad campaign.
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    Why is it so difficult to buy a 4WD in Los Angeles?

    Probably because they can sell every single one in Northen CA without an issue and you're the one out of 100 in LA that wants 4WD.

    Kind of like selling Subarus in Florida.
  • dcoffindcoffin Member Posts: 3
    Jeep dealers have no problem selling 4WD's in the LA area and the region is surrounded by mountains (>8000 ft) and deserts. 4WD is not uncommon to the area.
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,863
    Jeep dealers have no problem selling 4WD's in the LA area and the region is surrounded by mountains (>8000 ft) and deserts. 4WD is not uncommon to the area.

    When 5 of 6 models are available with 4WD, they better not have a problem selling them. In other words, consumers can't buy a 2WD Jeep other than the Compass IIRC so it's not a valid comparison.
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    My suggestion would be The Honda Odyssey which is a popular mainstream minivan in the U.S. market. It has achieved a 5 Star safety rating based on tests by the NHTSA, and its Variable Cylinder Management system has helped it to achieve high fuel efficiency.
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