Locking Hub on an 86 GMC Jimmy

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I am trying to disassemble my locking hubs to replace them and can not for the life of me figure it out. Is there a trick I am missing? I have a Haynes manual and I might as well read the sunday funnies, it would probably give me more info on my hubs then this book. Please help.


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    My old Suburban had them and go to the autozone site under repair info and drill down to the info - all trucks are basicallly the same. Shows pics too. Quote below:

    "Lock the hubs. Remove the outer retaining plate Allen head bolts and take off the plate, O-ring, and knob. Take out the large snapring inside the hub and remove the outer clutch retaining ring and actuating cam body. This is a lot easier with snapring pliers. Relieve pressure on the axle shaft snapring and remove it. Take out the axle shaft sleeve and clutch ring assembly and the inner clutch ring and bushing assembly. Remove the spring and retainer plate.

    Remove the wheel bearing outer lock nut, lock ring, and wheel bearing inner adjusting nut. A special wrench is required."
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