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Kia Amanti Engine Issues

gatnusgatnus Member Posts: 4
Last year my Engine Control System indicator light came on and stayed on for about 2 months. I suspected bad gaseline and it finally went off on its own. Last night the temperature dropped to 15 degrees and when I started my KIA it was very sluggish. Again the Engine Control System indicator light went on and the last 1 mile going home the car seems to be hesitating. The light is suppose to show a potential problem has been detected somewhere in the emission control system. Has any other Amanti been experiencing this problem and how has it be resolved? My closest KIA dealer is about 40 miles away!!!


  • aubbonaubbon Member Posts: 2
    My 2006 Amanti's Check Engine light came on at 110 miles (183kms). Dealer replaced the Purge Control Solenoid Valve. Haven't had any problems with this since.

    New problem is with the center display. Shows vehicle using 4.5 gallons of gas to go 60 miles (20 litres per 100km). Dealer will be replacing this unit. Anybody else having this problem?
  • redptcredptc Member Posts: 78
    About two weeks ago i went to start my new AMANTI(just 200 miles on it)and it wouldn`t start. It took about 4 tries to get it going.Looked up KIAS web site ,found a write up about it in the PITSTOP section(KT2007062101 6-21-2007)Said it may be a bad immoblizer.Took it to the dealer and that what it is a bad immoblizer.They had to order it so i don`t have it installed yet.
  • redptcredptc Member Posts: 78
    Part is in today getting it installed Tuesday. :)
  • billh6billh6 Member Posts: 123
    Is your Amanti an '06 or '07? I've had occasions where my '07 starts and then dies and takes couple of tries until it starts. They service advisor said they had a couple on the lot that did the same thing. He said it was something to do with the chip in the key and they tweaked the engine, but I still occasionally have it happen. I just pull out the key, insert it again and it starts right up. Not a big deal unless I was planning to rob a bank and need it for a fast getaway! (just teasing). :surprise:
  • redptcredptc Member Posts: 78
    Had my new immoblizer installed today,hope i don`t have any no start problems again.Have your service advisor look up KIAs pitstop write ups on your problem. They should put in a new immoblizer in your Amanti.My Amanti is a 2007,with just a few hundred miles on it.Your advisor is right it does have something to do with the chip in the key.But there is a fix for it. :shades: (ps check box #3 in this section.) :)
  • billh6billh6 Member Posts: 123
    I took it in for first oil change and they adjusted something again, so hopefully that did it. Lately it's only happened like once monthly, but that's once too many. Mine is a 2007 also. Still love it, though.
  • william33william33 Member Posts: 2
    We have a 2005 Amanti purchased new for my wife's use. It is used mainly as a road car and now has 30,000 miles on it. From early on we have had starting problems, as related to the battery being low, if the vehicle sits for a few days with out starting. The duration of the problem has progressed to a couple of days non use. Having the battery analyzed by Kia and others results in "no battery problem" and Kia can find no drain on the battery other than the normal drain of clock and electronics. Finally we had the vehicle towed in to the closest dealer, 180 miles away. After much testing, the Kia service said that the problem had to be the battery (with mutterings like "diode ripple in the alternator") which I didn't understand. Since the battery had only a 12 month warranty from Kia, they installed a new battery, $180, and we drove the 180 miles and picked it up. I feel that the problem is probably not solved but Kia service does not know what to do about it. Any thoughts?
  • redptcredptc Member Posts: 78
    Sounds like you`ve been through alot .Did any one suggest to change the battery to see if the new one would run down, or to disconnet the old one for afew days to see if it would go dead with out being hooked up? Have you had any more problems since the battery was changed? (that is a really expensive battery) GOOD LUCK with it.
  • william33william33 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks redptc.
    Disconnect the battery? Yes. I did that and found no battery discharge. I also placed an ammeter in series with the disconnected battery and saw only miliamps of current. This was several months ago. Both Kia Albuquerque and a local battery business did the standard Load Test on the battery and found no problem.
    After months of keeping a trickle charger on the battery we called to have the vehicle towed to the closest dealer, 180 miles in Las Cruces NM. Kia paid for the considerable towing charges.
    Kia service found a failing battery and nothing else. After a few days of testing, they put in a new Interstate Battery. ~$90 for the battery and ~$90 for the service. The original Kia battery had only 12 months of warranty. (unheard of) We picked up the vehicle two days ago. I rather expect the problem to emerge again in a few months.
    Some friends in Minnesota bought an Amanti upon our reccomendation. We were surprised to hear that they are having the same problem. I have not seen this problem addressed by others on the forum.
    Note: The person arranging the towing to service told us that the vehicle would be returned to us under a warranty called Reunite. When we called for Reunite there was no such program.
  • redptcredptc Member Posts: 78
    It`s been pretty cold here in OHIO lately. I noticed when i start the engine(cold start) it would have a nasty knocking sound like dry valve lifters, only last a few seconds Anyone have a similar noise on a cold start?(there`s only 2400 miles on the car.)This also happens on my granddaughters SANTA FE,with a 3.3 engine. :confuse: :sick:
  • redptcredptc Member Posts: 78
    Finally got the dealer to look at my AMANTI.He changed the timing chain tensioners. It took about three days to get the car back Even talked to the tech working on it. (The dealer even provided a loaner) Seems to be ok now. Great service dept. here in Columbus, Ohio.... :)
  • gdhaydengdhayden Member Posts: 2
    In the past six weeks my Amanti with 32,000 miles has died 4 times while driving. Once was on the freeway at 70 mph, another time going up a mountain highway 55 mph. After cranking for a minute it starts and runs fine. Dealer in San Leandro could not duplicate the problem. My own dealer is keeping the car to try to duplicate the problem. I have not seen any postings about this problem so am wondering if this is a unique problem.
  • jrjonesjrjones Member Posts: 1
    We also hava 2005 Amanti that was purchased new and has been trouble free. However, before the Amanti, we had an 03' Sedona that caused us much grief with stallling and dead battery with no warning. Fortunately we are close to the dealership in Montgomery, Al. The Sedona was towed at least eight times before the problem was corrected and I had to get stearn with the dealership as well as KIA Motors to get the message across that I was paying for a vehicle that I wasn't comfortable putting my family in. The solution ended up being the alternator wasn't powerful enough for the vehicle and it wasn't actually recall but they did at once ship 150,000 upgraded alternators out to dealers. Your problem sounds very similar and I raised enough stink that they sent me a $500 check to compensat my vehicle being in their shop unable to be driven.
  • gdhaydengdhayden Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the response regarding your Sedona. That gives me another idea I can present on the next occurence of engine failure. I am going to check to see if the 2004 Amanti has the same alternator as the newer models. I'm glad your Amanti has been trouble free. I had only one other problem, a faulty roll-over valve in the gas tank that would not let us put fuel in. Our dealer replaced that problem valve successfully.
  • shadow99688shadow99688 Member Posts: 209
    I have an 05 amanti I bought new Jan 06, live in Alaska and have had no problems at all with battery even when it was 40 below zero, battery has always had power to start the car even when it has sat for 2 weeks without being started.
  • desertdog85365desertdog85365 Member Posts: 1
    I was reading your post about your 07 Amanti. Have you still had the problem after the immoblizer was replaced? Just bought a used 07 and had it a week and just as you discribed, but this one has 15K on it. I checked under the dash and it still has the old immoblizer so off to the dealer I go with PITSTOP in hand..
  • redptcredptc Member Posts: 78
    No problems after it was fixed. But my battery went dead a couple of weeks ago.Dealer said it had low CCA, they replaced the battery under warranty.( best dealer in central ohio.) Good luck with your car. :shades:
  • billyrockfishbillyrockfish Member Posts: 3
    Aloha from Hawaii! We have an '05 Kia Amanti - overall a reliable, nice car, although we've gone through two batteries - replaced under warranty. Ours now has 51K on the clock and I see where Kia recommends the timing belt change at 60K. Would anyone out there in Amanti/Edmunds blog-land give me a clue on what to expect costwise for this timing belt replacement service? Yes, I know prices vary throughout the U.S. and Canada. West Coast/Cal or Hi. cost estimates - real world experience from real people. Thanks/Mahalo!
  • freshman52freshman52 Member Posts: 1
    My Amanti runs ruff sometimes but not always, had codes taken. One said it was a bad throttle actuator control module, other said it was a bad TPS/ pedal position sensor. Where are they located? Any ideas on how to proceed with these problems.
  • joker26joker26 Member Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with my 2005. I had it in to the Kia dealership several times, but they couldn't figure it out. I finally took it to a trusted repair shop and they replaced the fuel pump. That was a year and a half ago and I haven't had the problem since. They also advised me to run a higher octane gas. Hope this helps you.
  • ralph_patrickralph_patrick Member Posts: 1
    I need to know if anyone else is having the same problem as I am. My car has had the battery replaced and still will not start if I do not take the cable off. When I put it back on it starts but will still crank before removing the cable. Please help!! Thank You..
  • 07kiaamante07kiaamante Member Posts: 1
    You need to have them take off both of the cables from the battery. Just have them unscrew the clamp, clean off the posts if there is any stuff on it (can do it with baking soda, a toothbrush or whisk brush, and water, dry it off), and then put the clamps back on and tighten it real good. The clamps are loose on your battery. I had the same problem for the last 3 weeks. Finally every time I stopped at a stop light or stop sign or slowed down the car would die. I wouldhave to put on my emergency blinkers, open the hood, wiggle the clamp on the positive post of the batter to start her up again. I have a 2007 Amante. Triple AA came out, tested the battery (it's a triple AAA battery that is supposed to be at 650 but is actually around 800+ so the battery was fine! The triple AAA guy took off the positive clamp (unscrewed it), told me the battery post was totally clean, and then he screwed the battery clamp onto the posts real tight and it started right up. So far no problem starting it, or having it stall when I stop or slow down. You can actually unscrew it yourself with two pliers and then clean the posts and screw it back on yourself. It was so simple and saved me over $100. because I was about to have it towed to Kia to replace the battery clamp and maybe get a new battery when that wasn't even needed! Good luck!
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