Turning off problems

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My kia sorento 2011 has been having problems. I have taken it to the mechanic a few times each time they say nothing is wrong.

It wont shut off the right way.
Its push button.
When you turn it off the engine turns off but the dash stays on.
The indicator that looks like a car with a key shape in it comes on.
And it beeps, sometimes after a few minutes it will go off and then the dash lights will go off if you push the button again.
Sometimes I have to disconnect the battery to get the dash lights to turn off

3 weeks ago I went out and it was dead. Tried to jump it and nothing.
Called road side assistance they tried to jump it nothing.
I didnt have the money for a mechanic. But last week I got it towed.
They mechanic just went to check it out today, he called, it had started right up for him.

No problems at all and I am so confused.
Turned off fine for them, turned back on, battery checks out at full 12 v but last week it was completely dead. Alternator, starter etc all fine.
What is going on with my car?

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