Volkswagen Touareg Suggested Improvements and Options

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I am working on a special project for an interview with VWoA, they asked me to do this and present in my interview. I have to do research, a proposal and an execution of this project. The project is for a Special Edition of a mid size SUV, where I would propose vehicle options and why I chose these features. Since I have to justify my choices I thought that asking current Touareg owners would be the best way to get feedback.
What I need from this forum is your advise as to what options would you like to see in a Touareg Special Edition, anything you have in mind.
Please help me fulfill my life long dream of working for VW.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I would propose vehicle options and why I chose these features

    What options would you propose?

    tidester, host
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    One lacking option that comes immediately to mind is the availability of satellite radio, in particular Sirius. That is the major thing that makes me pause on the purchase of a Touareg. That and its spotty reliability and dismal dealer service. As silly as it sounds, though, if they offered Sirius, I would take my chances with the reliability and service.
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    Have a optional brand tire other than the 20k wear out Continentals.Door cup holders.
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    Tell them to offer Owners of 2006 Touareg's w/ Navigation an affordable upgrade to the 2008 model Sirius Sat Radio Unit or a retrofit. They promised to have Sirius for the 2006 Model but never came through. Thanks
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    Thanks for your help!! I got the job!! My special edition was a Dakar Rally Edition, painted Silver and blue (like the race Touareg) with two tone blue and black seats, brushed aluminum inserts, skid plates, etc. Some of the advise I received I used in my special edition or I used it as feedback form owners.
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    Clean Diesel with a fold flat 2nd row seat maximize function. Touareg isn't reliable enough for the price. I prefer a car I can rely on when i'm on a road trip in the middle of nowhere. Wouldn't take the Touareg on a road trip. Question is will the adorable Tiguan have enough of what I want.
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    Is anyone out there had problems with the Touareg's Electronic Stabilization
    Program ? I've had wiper motor problems had it resolved, after having this problem
    corected by my dealership the ESP & Brake indicators contiues to
    light-up. Took it back to the dealership they tested it they went out for a couple of days and returned .
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