Getting tired of this no start issue

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I have only had this for a year and a half. I bought it with 58000 miles on it. So far the catalytic converter went. The starter has been changed twice! Once by me and apparently the owners before me or the dealership I bought it from. But my main issue is it won't start. I try to use the automatic starter and sometimes it just won't start. I hear a "grinding" noise in the dash after I try manually starting it. My son is late gor school a lot because of this issue and it's getting old. I've had it at my l9cal dealership. They first changed the starter but then it didn't start again. Then they changed the body control module. It started for a couple of months after that and today nothing again. Thos has happened to me at least 20 times. I was always a loyal gmc owner but after this I can't say it will continue. These problems are unacceptable for a company that their modo is "we are professional grade".


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    Problems like this can be solved, but it takes a solid game plan and patience. Based on your description this isn't a problem that happens every day because that would make it easier to figure out. How many days on average go by between events? When it fails to start how long does it take to finally start? Have there been any reported trouble codes set in any of the computers on the car? If so, what are they and do you know which computer generated the code? The "grinding sound" suggests that the starter is cranking the engine, but for accurate diagnostics that would need to be proven. If it is cranking and not starting, then all of the testing would be set up to prove what is incorrect with the spark or fuel. What you need is a diagnostic specialist, with the vehicle displaying the symptom this wouldn't be difficult to analyze.
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