No crank no start

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Prior to the issue, only had trouble starting one time. Replaced battery, starter, ignition switch, and PCM. Getting appropriate voltage when tested, fuses/relays good, verified no security lock active. Discovered the vehicle had ZERO oil. I did fill the oil once I discovered it was empty. Cannot get enough space to manually turn engine, but can push and move in 1st and 3rd gear. Why will it still not crank?


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    No one is going to just know why the starter isn't engaging, someone is going to have to test the system and prove what is going on. With the list of parts you have replaced the first question is why did you change all of those and was the PCM flash programmed to your car and the theft deterrent system retrained? You do say that no security lock is active but how exactly did you prove that? When you wrote you can push and move in 1st and 3rd gears, is this a manual transmission and did the engine turn, but still not start?
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