Stab system

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I have a 2011 Cadillac SRX. The Stab system light came on with the wrench. The car powers down while driving not giving enough time to even pull to the side of the road. Had the sensor replaced for $500, continues to do the same thing. I feel unsafe and am extremely frightened to be in the left lane when this happens. In a course of 5 miles it will shut down 5 times. This should be a recall from GM. I have never felt this unsafe in vehicle


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    There are multiple inputs to several different computers that can result in a disabling of the Stabilitrac System when a fault occurs. You need someone to pull codes from all of the modules on the car and list the code number(s) and which module generated the code(s). If you can get that information I can help explain what is going on with your car.
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