Telluride sale price

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Wondering if anyone has purchased a Telluride lately? Just got one yesterday. Because of the popularity I couldn't find any incentives and the dealer I went to was already tacking 10K on top of the MSRP. The one I got was 56K total ($45695 MSRP). Should have shopped around, but the next closest dealer didn't even have any tellurides. They gave me $28,500 for my trade in, I owed $11,104. I gave them an additional 3K.

I did add $900 for interior and exterior cleaning for 5 years (stains, etc) and 2K for the digital warranty (if anything digital goes out). Thats for 10 years or 120K miles. since everything is digital hopefully its a good deal, but then again i probably should have checked to see how long the Kias warranty was.

After everything, I financed 39K at 6.42% for 82 months. Not happy with that as my last vehicle i got 1.9% for 72 months and financed 38K (Sienna) but other places wanted over 7%. I dont normally do 82 months but because of the interest i decided to do it and i will just pay a little extra each month with a cushion just in case.

I got the EX AWD with all the tech I wanted (and more). heated and vented seats, driver assist technology, nav, etc.

Has anyone else gotten a Telluride lately? If so, may I ask what you paid?
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