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Should I buy ? Issue in pre-purchase inspection on 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

meuchmeuch Member Posts: 1
edited May 2023 in Toyota

I’m interested to purchase a used Toyota Highland Hybrid 2015 (so 8 yrs-old with 87,000 Km/54,000 miles, very little mileage) for 36,900CAD$ (which is 2,000-4,000CAD$ under MSRP).

I hope to get another 5-6 years out of this vehicle and reach up at least 150-200,000 Km.

The vehicle is in really good condition (No rust, never been in an accident, all original paint) but the pre-purchase inspection at a CAA-approved car mechanic revealed a few things and I am wondering how major of a concern those are.

Concern 1) Under the transmission oil pan (See picture 1), the inspection has highlighted a corroded metal part and the corrosion of this part seems to be slowly extending to the adjacent metal of the oil pan which has no other corrosion anywhere else. Looks to me like bolts have already ruptured off this corroded part.

The inspection technician told me they had seen some oil pan rupture in situations like this, but the salesperson (from the dealership) had never heard of anything like this in the past and he acted like it was no biggy.

- How likely is this oil pan likely to rupture in the next 5 yrs ? How much would it cost to fix it down the road ?

Concern 2) The inspection has also revealed the highvoltage cable for the rear electric engine to be corroded (See picture 2). The inspection technician mentioned that if the outer coat would start pealing off, this could be very expensive to change (9,000CAD$ !?) but that it was also not necessarily likely to happen.

- How likely is it that I will have to change this highvoltage cable in the next 5 yrs ? I’ld like an opinion.

Should I buy this vehicle as is or should I plan for those repair from the get-go ? or should I just pass and look somewhere else ?
I have little experience purchasing hybrid vehicles. Any idea/comment/opinion will be very appreciated. Thanks ! Charles

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