Hydraulic system for convertible top

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I own a 2011 Nissan Murano cabriolet in Carribean colour, love it, but the hydraulics to raise convertible top has failed. I live in Canada, 2 hours N/E of Toronto, but car was manufactured in USA. Does anyone know where I can find information to get this fixed. My local Canadian dealership has given up on it. I called Nissan America consumer affairs who directed to to the Canadian Nissan Consumer Affairs, who directed me to another Nissan Dealership ... Full circle moment. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience in this matter. Feeling very hopeful ... Trish


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    I am able to find some information on the convertible top. Specifically, the schematics that include the hydraulic control and pump. What exactly do you need? I do not see repair information for it in my service information system, but I might be able to access it on Nissan's information system, you might be able to as well but sometimes there are restrictions based on your country. https://www.nissan-techinfo.com/home.aspx Once registered the information subscription is on this page. https://www.nissan-techinfo.com/deptsubs.aspx It's $25 for one day and $90 for a month.
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    Thanks so much for this info ... I will forward it on to my mechanic. The Murano convertible is an awesome car ... But only if the top is working. I will follow up on this, have a great day. Trish
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