Hyundai Sonata Leather Interior

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I have an 06 Sonata GLS V6 with cloth interior. Does anyone know I could do a simple swap to front leather seats? I think all leather seats are power also. Does anyone know if the wiring harness is already there or addable? I'd really like to have leather!


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    I dont think you do a simple swap. My sonata 06 v6 was also with cloth interior, but i had all seats changed to leather - you can se the interior in my carspace Also the cloth on the door panel, the armrest and the head restraints were changed to leather. It was done at a company here in denmark.
    I saw a homepage - id=268 where you also can get it for aftermarketmounting. Professional installation recommended.
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    hdsit, could you email me...... Have questions regarding the european Sonata....thanks.
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    We can discuss the European Sonata here. Europeans do participate in our Forums and most members interested in Sonatas are interested in all things Sonata! :)

    Go to the group level here and see if a suitable discussion already exists. Or if you want to make a separate discussion, just use the Add a Discussion link on the right at the top of the list.
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    My 2006 LX which is 15 months young and has only 5400 miles is starting to show a worn area on the drivers seat in the area of the bolster. The leather seems to be creasing slightly, and I can see an area of premature wear. Has anyone experienced this? My assumption is it should be covered by warranty. I will be discussing it with my service manager who has been extremely customer oriented. It's not something that I will get my "nose bent out of shape" over, but I do want to address the issue since it certainly is premature and I am not abusive to the seats when entering and exiting.
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    Having had leather before creasing is part of the leather "experience". Unless it has creased so badly that the creases became cracks it is normal for leather to crease. Some say it is a "personality" trait of individual hides and welcome it....anyhow, normal. Don't know what you consider a "worn area" above and beyond the creases so I cannot comment on that part of your two part complaint/comment.
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    I am also having the leather issues with my 2006 Sonata LX. There is cracking and premature wear on the drivers seat. I have had it for 2 years, with only 15,000 miles on it.
    My dealer will contact me next month to show it to the factory rep. We'll see what happens.
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